The most exciting match of the Denmark Open 2009 must go down to the men doubles event. Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong took on Mathias Boe & Carsten Mogensen in the badminton finals.

I know most of you can’t wait for this match. I would apologize because the first set of the video isn’t in English. Something went wrong with my computer. Anyway, the 2nd and 3rd set are in English.

Sorry for delay for sharing this video but nonetheless i hope you all will enjoy the match as it is a fast and furious match with many tricks in the front court. Enjoy ^^

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Part I

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Part II

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Part III

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  • Justin Ng 8 years ago

    I’ve have been waiting since Sunday! Thank you freak!
    There you go ….

  • nguyennhatduy 8 years ago

    thank for sharing, Jason. I like KKK & BHT very much, bravo!!! They are champions!!! bravo!!!

  • haha~
    finally saw how he ‘caught’ it…
    good win in the end!!
    the truth will win~ haha

  • thatbadguy 8 years ago

    KKK seems to have grown fat, not fit 🙁
    he’s like taking a lot of energy to jump!

  • Justin Ng 8 years ago

    What a shame for the danes in the rubber set!

    Terribly lousy sportsmanship! Should have speak for justice and give the point to the MaLaysian pair like a gentlemen.

    Shame On You Both! Mathias Boe & Carsten Mogensen!

  • waihoong 8 years ago

    happy to see that upload the denmark 09 mens double final,but i cant load the part1 and part3.i can only the part2.or my pc problem?thanks…

  • Good Match! hope you see KKK & TBH doing better in France Open.

  • that umpire would be the joke of the decade ! wad a ridiculous decision to play a let.. wad a joke..

  • Jin Hao439 8 years ago

    Nice match between this 2 pair
    I love it ^^
    Jason could u pls upload the french open series for semi-final and final??

  • shame on the judge

  • shane white 8 years ago

    first of all, thank you for good videos.
    is there any way to take these videos?

  • Cedrick 8 years ago

    great match! but just as Jillian said, “it’s a shame to have an incident in such a marvelous match”

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    I think Malaysia player can play better in this game…they juz like a brother … good job … bt y wang yi han lose in the final ??!!

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    ya..’it’s a shame to have an incident in such a marvelous match”
    BUT …
    Can i knw wat wrong is it ??
    Wat i see is denmark player jump to the behind and the ball touch his body .. mayb he thinks that the ball dint over the line..
    I dun think is koo’s wrong..

  • the night i watched the match..when KKK/TBH got their final points..my sis n i just jump out from the sofa.. we hug each other n run around the coffee table like a maniac lol..=P

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Take that you fuking judges lol stupid retards should never be allowed to work again on the circuit.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    This judge was not even watching the game, no wonder she didn’t see it him catch the shuttle, fire that bitch. These danes are known to make their oppenents wait and even after bribing the judges, and pulling all those cheap-ass antics they STILL lose!!!

  • cory k 8 years ago

    Ginee, if you’re serving and the ball touches one of your opponents before it hits the ground, it’s an automatic point for whoever was serving. A rule everyone seems to know but the danish referee’s.

  • Trung Mai 8 years ago

    Great match.
    Hope that u can up these videos to hotfile for everyone to download them.
    Tan boon Heong have really big smashes.

  • nice i like it…koo kien keat gambateh^^

  • Kalle 8 years ago

    Well the ref was Irish, but I agree shame on her. Why not let the tournament ref make his decision on the play, if the Malaysians were pleeding for that.

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    Wat a final game of DENMARK player n malaysia player at a country name DENMARK !!!

  • Malaysia boleh!!! A true champion doesn’t need dirty little trick like the Danes.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Carol UI FHEARGHAIL is the name of that retarded judge and the main tournament ref is Ben Lageweg who ignored the Malaysians plees, they should’ve raised a stink especially Koos Partner, it seems KKK was there all by himself to argue, and the Danes surely won’t do the honorable thing and give them the point. No respect to the Danes, they’re good players but they play dirty. Perhaps thats the only way they’ll win.

  • Patrick 8 years ago

    Both team improved a lot in attacking and defence. They smile a lot in the match… =)

    The judge should be more fair to KKK and TBH. KKK was funny at the end of the match when he shaked hand with the judge. ^^

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    About the ref, she won’t be doing any SS Badminton for a while. BWF should also rescind the yellow card given to KKK as it was issued in a moronic manner. The Danes paid dearly as they lost the next 4 points due to guilt conscience whereas KKK/TBH played with “take that, you bastards” attitude.

  • Brendson 8 years ago

    What is the judge doing? That’s the point of Dane, it’s a fault serve of Malaysian.

  • Please don’t post the result( picture) on the same page as the video. TY

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    haha Brendson you stupid dumb fuk you must be Danish 🙂

  • Alpha, yes, Brendson must be Danish. However, we should be civilised and not using foul language here (in some sites, they banned you). Back to the point, the shuttle did go a meter wide but it hit Carlsten before it hits the ground so it was Malaysia’s point. It is no different if KKK had smashed a shuttle which is 6 feet out but on its way out, the shuttle touches the body or hairs of one of the Danish players. More amazingly, the ref at a SS tournament gave a let. Can you imagine if one of John McEnroe’s serves (in Tennis at Wimbledon) had hit the body of his opponent who stood outside the court but the Umpire called a let?? You cannot be serious! so are you, Brendson, do you know much about badminton rules, regulations and the game?

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    You’re right Kim, we should all be more civilized but sometimes being passive and civilized don’t get you anywhere, thats why sometimes you have to scream loud and be heard like a McEnroe, and not just raise your racket like KKK did and just let injustice pass. Asians in general are always too passive to start with and you can argue it both ways but fact remains the Malaysians are the ones that got screwed, although they did win the match but its also possible it could’ve gone the other way.

  • Alpha,

    Yes I agree that we asians are usually more passive and on top of that Mat Salleh always think we don’t know any better and they are always right. Its ok, the Danes got beaten again this morning in Paris by KKK/TBH, do we need to send a French Letter (hihi) to our Danish friend? to tell me that?

  • As always, thanks for all the uploads. I think KKK and even TBH behaved admirably from the way he requested for the tournament ref; he did not react poorly when given the yellow card and even at the end his gesture showed disagreement but respect. I noticed the ref held out her hand first to KKK. Big shame to the tournament ref too for ignoring a legitimate request. I ‘m glad Malaysian won

  • Jonathan Truong 8 years ago

    Congratulations to the Malaysian pair. They deserve their victory. And shame on those Danish double players on this BIG mistake.

    But I don’t think all Danes are unfair players, Peter Gade is a real good player and if I remember well, he’s Danish as well.

    The referee did a terrible mistake. It was clearly a fault. I personnaly think this is a disgrace for Badminton to have such “bad calls”. What should we do if even a referee doesn’t know the rules?!?!

    And what about the Tournament Referee… I suppose he is Danish too, that’s why he didn’t come for the request of the Malaysians. What a shame!

    Anyway, the Malaysians won so for me, this is over. I hope that for other tournaments, I won’t see those things anymore.

    Jonathan from Belgium

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Yes I agree that Peter Gade is a very good and a good sportsman and ambassodor to the sport, as are many Danes, I don’t mean to generalize and insult all the Danes, that was not my intention, Jonas Rassmussen is one of my favorite players so, I have nothing agaisnt the Danish players. There is good and bad in everything and everyone.

  • Joshua Cute 8 years ago

    hey! how can i download this video?
    i can’t click in”Click here to download this video”.
    plz help me!

  • Jamzari 8 years ago

    We need an umpire here with eyes – good eyes! She must have felt ashamed when she looks at the repeat of this video showing how much a blunderfool she must have looked like to the rest of the world.

  • To make matters worse, the Tournament Referee, the guy in the red jacket, it looked like his arse is super-glued to the chair. There is no excuse as it was in a final and there’s no other match on any other court. KKK just requested him to come to the court and got a yellow card, its like Kevin Keegan politely pointed out to the ref that Diego used his hand to flick the ball in in that famous “hand of god” goal and KK got a yellow card! This is kids’ stuff.

  • I had fun watching the match. Thank you for sharing the videos. Keep posting!

  • packmanlim 8 years ago

    it's really unfair to MAS players to reserve the point at 15:16.
    wat wrong wit d umpire ?? lame