Kenneth Jonassen is surely out of the pro league of Badminton players. Kenneth Jonassen made his name as a gritty and never say die attitude player.

Not only that, Kenneth Jonassen defense is second to none among the elite badminton players in the world. Jonassen wouldn’t mind being on the defensive but he will counter punched his opponents after they have failed to get the better of his defense.

So i thought, i would create a new Category which is Crazy Badminton that shows tricks shots, cool out of the planet moves and stunts from all this world class talents.

Happy retirement to Kenneth Jonassen and enjoy his good quality defence against Peter Gade.

Crazy Badminton – Kenneth Jonassen Good DefenseFunny video clips are a click away

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  • holymama 8 years ago

    Great player. Denmark will need to find a better quality replacement left by Jonassen. Joachim Persson is still not a consistent player.

  • How old is he do you think? he looks like he’s got some sort of limp?

  • KJ is 34 y.o. when he retired last week

  • jason 8 years ago

    Denmark coaching staff now. I think he will be in charge of the Women Team for a start.