Don’t know what title to write so i just simply create one. ^^ Contact me if you miss me and want to talk to Jason.

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  • Yvonne 8 years ago

    Thanks for the nice videos. Could you also post World Championship men’s double semi finals?

  • Muhammad Afzal 8 years ago

    yes Dear!
    you are entertaining very well all the lovers of Badminton. so carry on i am very gratitude to you.
    May you long life

  • Chris 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    If I am right, YONEX Chinese Taipei Gold Grand Prix is currently happening. Do you have anything to share? September is going to be a big month for badminton lovers. Cannot wait to watch the big games 🙂

  • Thank you Jason for your effort to satisfy badminton viewers like me.

  • Ashwin Panemangalore 4 years ago

    Jason the IBL live stream link stopped working after 1130 pm IST and 11 am and US Pacific time where I am located Repeat attempts were futile