Most Lee Chong Wei’s fans are sitting at the edge of their sit as his sample B result will be out in 2 days. Day of reckoning is getting closer for the World No.1 badminton player.

Lee Chong Wei spent 90 minutes at the Olso University Hospital laboratory and came away quite satisfied.

Once the result is out, the lab will inform the Badminton World Federation (BWF). The world body will then inform Chong Wei via the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM).

Chong Wei was tested positive for the banned substance dexamethasone during a random dope test conducted at the World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August.

National Sports Institute (NSI) chief executive officer Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz said the whole procedure went on smoothly.

Dr Ramlan was one of the three people who accompanied Chong Wei to the lab. The others were BAM general manager Kenny Goh and a top-notch European lawyer, who has been engaged by the BAM to handle the matter.

“All four of us went into the lab at 9am (4pm Malaysian time). The athlete was calm but understandably concerned,” said Dr Ramlan in a telephone interview from Oslo.

“He went through all the procedures to make sure that everything was in place. He was satisfied that all was in order. He examined all the documents while the B bottle was being retrieved. He was given a thorough and detailed briefing on the A bottle result while waiting for the B sample to thaw.

“After that, we were brought to the lab where the athlete examined the bottle and checked the documents again … then we witnessed the bottle being opened by a machine.”

Dr Ramlan said they would wait for the BWF to notify the BAM on the result.

“We did not witness the actual analysis of the sample B. Once the result is out, two scientists will certify it. The lab will then register the result with ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administration and Management System under the World Anti-Doping Agency) and inform the BWF,” he added.

If the result is positive, Chong Wei faces a two-year ban.

But before he is banned, he will be given a chance to defend himself at a BWF hearing. And there is a possibility that Chong Wei would be let off the hook with only a warning if he or a medical expert can explain how the banned substance was administered during his rehabilitation.




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