Lee Chong Wei is on his way to Oslo, Norway for his B sample result together with a top-notch lawyer from Europe.

Malaysia’s iconic shuttler has been implicated in a doping scandal after he was believed to have failed a doping test conducted during the World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August.

A source said: “We want the best help and assistance to be given to the athlete. The BA of Malaysia have engaged a world renowned laywer to defend him and give him the right counsel. This lawyer’s speciality is sports law and he has a wealth of experience on this matter (doping). He has all our support and prayer. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a good outcome.”

Chong Wei is also accompanied by National Sports Institute (NSI) chief executive officer Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz and BAM general manager Kenny Goh.

If Chong Wei’s B sample result is negative, he will be cleared of the doping offence.

If it is positive, the lab will forward that result to the BWF. The world body will then notify the athlete via the BAM. The process could take place on the same day or it could take a few days.

BWF will then conduct a hearing before meting out the punishment. It could be a maximum two years or it could be a reduced sentence depending on various factors, which include the athlete’s intention, track record and conduct during his career.

We hope the best for our hero. Are your prayers with him?




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