The most pulsating match of the China Super Series 2009 badminton tournament must go down to the men doubles finals match between Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong taking on Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung.

The Malaysians has not beaten the Koreans of late but they will be looking to avenge their last few losses against Yong Dae & Jae Sung. Lee Yong Dae is playing is second match as he was playing in the mixed doubles in the first event partnering Lee Hyo Jung.

I didn’t use the flv version for this video as i am afraid it will get the site banned once again. Nonetheless, enjoy the Youtube videos in HQ to have the best quality. I will upload the download links later.

Is there any soul out there that would like to help me upload it? Your help is much appreciated.

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Set I

Set II


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  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Jung Jae Sung has no choice but to dive all over its not easy when you’re 4’3″ playing badminton and KKK is just way too cocky.

  • Have you tried looking into using bittorrent for the FLVs? It’s reasonably easy to use, and is very good for distributing the load around the place.

  • freakish 8 years ago

    i luv dis game!! many thanks 4 d uploads.. keep it cuming.. =)

  • very nice competitive game…

  • huh…watch a match…i can see, all of them are tired…the commentator kept saying fatigue….hehehe, esp to TBH and TYD…i thought the one who should be more “fatigue” is LYD and KKK…cuz both of them has played XD and MD, while, KKK have played 4 straight tournament..credits have to go to all of them..great match…

  • Barry G. 8 years ago

    What a great match, from both site….Both site can feel as WINNER !!!
    Thx Jason

  • froilan 8 years ago

    i want to download this file, how would i do it? many thanx in advance

  • Ernest 8 years ago

    This was a wonderful match. Both teams performed really well. Thank you so much for the upload!

  • Tks for uploading this match! It’s a very exciting game, well done to both team!

  • jakob Philipsen 8 years ago

    To Jason: Thanks for uploading! do you have the match between jan o. and lee chong wei? i would really like to see it

  • pro527 8 years ago

    Hey, I really want to watch this video but I can’t access youtube here in China, so does anyone have a solution so I can watch this exciting video?! Thanks:D

  • Strenki - Slovakia 8 years ago

    hi Jasone. please try to use youtube HD quality it can be enough for us. thanks !

  • Strenki - Slovakia 8 years ago

    and I dont see “Download me” button, would be helpfull

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Strenki : Download will be up later. Need somebody to help me to upload for you all to download. My line too slow… -_-

  • Great game! Thanks for uploading it, Jason.

  • Søre Olesen 8 years ago

    To jason: Do you have the match between Jan o and lee chong wei.

  • James 8 years ago

    thanks for upload… first part works great and the 3rd part of set 2…others are v slow to load… i hate youtube.

  • EPIC MATCH!!!! Probably will be one of my most memorable matches that ill EVER watch…..

  • Ringo 8 years ago

    hella funny when KKK needed a small bandaid

    ill remember that stall tactic when i play next time

  • Men’s Double at its best. I think LYD and JJS is the strongest pair in the world now.

  • 1 word….EPIC! similar to match of LYD/JJS vs Fairuzzizuan/Zakry whre the match ended on the decider where Malaysian losing as well with 22-20

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Koo Kien Kunt and Tan Boon Fuk lose again… why doesn’t that surprise me?

  • ClamChowder 8 years ago

    That’s what I call insane badminton! Both sides equally matched, and very very good defensively… it looks like Mens Doubles in the early 80s, force the opponent to smash till they drop… Love watching them turn defence into attack, my favourite way of playing.

    Keep it up B.Freak! Still wondering if youre going to upload lazy Hafiz Hashim beat relentless Nguyen Tien-Minh in HK 2009?

  • Incredible speed, reflexes even though they were using Yonex 49 shuttlecock (medium slow). Great match. TBH’s smashes have improved a lot. This match is worth watching a few times, so I am doing just that…

  • Kelvin 8 years ago

    actually is the cold weather that makes the shuttler somehow very slow~i think tbh shuld spare himself a few yonex z-slash.Hoho~

  • Kevin, yes. They try to tire LYD out cos the latter played an hour of XD a few hours before this match but the great Dae stood up to it. We are all winners when a match like this happens.

  • When a tennis player serves at 220 kph, everyone wows and oouhs. I think the world record for a badminton smash is 312 kph by Taufik, then of course LD (him again) took it with a 329 smash. China’s Fu Hai Feng holds the fastest IBM recorded smash at 332 but 10 days ago, TBH broke that, he did a 341kph smash at HK Open I think.

  • juliet 8 years ago

    thanks..for the upload

  • wat a perfect match

  • Yiwei 8 years ago

    Boleh Malaysia! Both sides did their best and I think that is all that counts. KKK may seem cocky but indeed he is a good defensive player. @Alphadeck: Stop being such a troll. It is nice to leave positive feedback and criticism that is harsh. But simply going out of your way to just diss somebody and call them a derogatory term just doesn’t cut it. Get a life!

  • ORANG HUTAN 8 years ago