Remember last year Wong Mew Choo did the impossible? Mew Choo went to the China Open 2007 badminton tournament hoping to make the quarter finals.

Mew Choo end up winning the China Open 2007 virtually beating Chinese players from Roung 1 till the finals. It was an amazing feat as she is the first Malaysian women player to win the China Open. Mew Choo even beat the Xie Xing Fang in the finals!

To be honest, online the Youtube Video that was uploaded with the title “China Open Final 2007: Wong Mew Choo the Dragon slayer” was uploaded by me one year ago. ^^ Just want you all to enjoy the sweet moment where Mew Choo the impossible.

We really hope she finds her footing again soon as Mew Choo recent knee injury and poor form has caused her dearly of late. We miss our old dragon slayer!

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  • hey ! thanks for linking me ! and also thanks for viewing my blog !! thanks….

  • jason 9 years ago

    Small matter Jo-ann. Enjoy your stint here

  • Tony Tang 9 years ago

    Well! Wong Mew Choo did malaysian proud. and i hope this moment could happen again not even in china open but in some other tournament. just like Lee Chong Wei, who we can find him at any tournament semi final & final at least. Wong Mew Choo should learn extra-ordinary smash i guess to give sudden shot to those china player & danish giant lady.