Taufik Hidayat in his final year as a professional badminton took on Dong Shuai of China at the China Badminton Super League (CBSL) 2012 match.

Dong Shuai will be looking to upset the once mighty Taufik Hidayat but it won’t be easy. Will Dong Shuai making a name for himself? Watch to find out!


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  • Taufik still number one for me. Ranks is not important. But the important is how he could make Badminton become an entertain game. He has great skill.. complete skills. I love you Taufik !

  • great game, a very close one. you still can make it mr hidayat just give importance to your stamina . . . your still young . . . . and still my idol . . . wish you all the luck, taufik !!!