This is a chance of a lifetime for many of us to chat online with one of the gifteed badminton players, stuff Peter Gade.

Gade will be the first badminton player to build rapport with fans all over the world via online to boost for the development of the Olympic sport.

The live chat will start at 9pm Malaysian time (GMT +8) at

So keep this as your top priority for your day and cancel all other appointments. ^^ Once in a life time.. 🙂

Enjoy… ^^

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  • thomas 8 years ago

    what is the stuff you put on your hand before you use a new racket? its like a grip substance. where can i buy it and what is it called?

  • sharim 8 years ago


    wish u luck on this year

  • Gonzalo Duany 8 years ago

    hey.i love how you are the best.I’m 14..and im from going to europe in 2010January-February..Wich are good junior tournaments betwen this two months..?Im going to Germany.
    well bye.

  • Sh0ppY 8 years ago

    Hello Peter…. i’m from Romania and for start i want to say that u’re amazing badminton player and u create a very high image in “what Europe has to say in this sport”! I never imagine that we have a chance in front of asian… but u shown us that’s possible ! i’m a big fan of u and i hope to keep up the good work and win more masters ! and don’t forget ALL EUROPE it’s behind u and when u think it’s harder remember us and we will push u to VICTORY !! “COME ON PETER” !!!! With respect Stefan from Romania !

  • sheetanshu 7 years ago

    pete its the first time i am sending you message and hattoff to your hard work and lucrative career in world of badminton and believe me i havent ever seen such a fantastic player with handsome personality i wish you all good health and great performance ahead but regrets would be that you were only the one who use to control south aseans and norts aseans stars and i always trusted you that as far peter is there then no worries i always wanted denmark to win team events thomas and ubber cup moreover i always wants in solo game should be advanced always by peter if sometimes i would be in denmark i would try to meet you once in my life hahaha please dont think i am crazy man

  • Gerald 7 years ago

    its called grip powder 😀 its 10bucks or less at most places.