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Badminton defence compilation

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Some of the very best defence shown in this video where players show their agility with dives and trick shots. Enjoy this great compilation. Badminton defence compilation

Lee Yong Dae smashed a watermelon with a shuttlecock

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Lee Yong Dae showed his power with his powerful smash when he broke a watermelon when he smash the shuttle towards the watermelon. You don't believe? Watch this video to believe!!

Who is the master of the badminton smash?

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There are many players that can smash well but of course there are a few who are exceptional just like Lee Yong Dae. Watch this compilation of smashes from some of the masters of smashes in the modern game of badminto...

The joy of having a good backhand smash

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Just watch this video as this badminton player really enjoy having a great backhand smash. This shot reminds me of the great Taufik Hidayat. Hidayat had one of the most lethal backhand smash during his playing days. ...

Crazy badminton rally compilation

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In this compilation, diagnosis you will get to watch many crazy rallies with many insane dives and trick shots. Enjoy the compilation!

The badminton dives rally

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Ever wondered how this guy returned so many shots while he was on the ground? This is really an insane rally where even diving and saving all this shots on the ground, physician he still managed to win the rally. A s...

Crazy badminton defence compilation

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This video will share all the crazy badminton defences from all over the world. Some of this defence is really out of this planet. Enjoy!

Crazy men double rally

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This is one of the best men double rally you can get. With both pairings never giving up. They even defended when they are crouching on the floor. The attack and defence just went back and forth. A must see video for...

Jumping frog style in badminton

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This is funny as the Indonesian player made a drop shot just like a jumping frog. Something that I have not seen in the world badminton before. Enjoy!

The funniest moments in badminton for 2015

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They said laughter is the best medicine. Catch some of the funniest moments in the world of badminton for year 2015. You will never imagine such top players can be funny at times too! :)

Is this rally worth play of the day?

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You decide whether this mixed double rally during the Swiss Open 2016 worth the play of the day tag. High quality with super defense and attacking play by both pairing. Enjoy the ferocious rally!

Fun time with Lee Yong Dae

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Lee Yong Dae had some fun time at the badminton court this year by having a friendly game. Too much of training or match practice might just bore or worn the players out. With such arrangements, players like Lee Y...

This is what happens when a professional player takes on an amateur badminton player

12.61K Views2 Comments

When an amateur player takes on a professional player in a badminton game, it's always a match full of fun and laughter. In this video, we can see that Commonwealth Games gold medalist Kasyap Parupalli had a great...

Best improvised celebration by Hans Kristian Vittinghus

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Although Hans Kristian Vittinghus didn't win this year's All England title, but he surely has won many hearts with his gallant that brought him to the semi finals where he lost to Tian Houwei of China. This video s...

Daniel the new Lin Dan in the making?

8.51K Views0 Comments

This is a series of video collection showing how Daniel Aria Dinata (LITTLE DANiel)'s progress in playing badminton. Daniel was nine years old when this video was taken and he is now twelve. He has won some badminton ...

How does the Korean and Japanese trains?

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Our earlier video showed some of the basic things we need know to improve and to make it more interesting in our trainings. The earlier video, clinic the training wad done my Lin Dan. Now, viagra sale we can see fr...

Kolding senior training with his 7 year old son Kolding Junior

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Pieler Kolding a doubles specialist for Denmark is grooming his son to be a great badminton player. His son, generic Kolding junior is a right handed player and with the guidance and advice from his dad, he might jus...

Is this 16 year Swedish kid considered a real badminton talent?

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Many players really aspire to be a better badminton player, buy So does this 16 year old Swedish kid. From the video, do you think this kid will go far? Does he has what it takes

How to make the shuttlecock?

13.08K Views1 Comments

The shuttlecock or called the birdie in badminton is the ball being hit by the badminton racket. We can learn from this video on how the shuttlecock is being made. We know how to play the game, medicine we must also...

Badminton documentary – Sharing by former professional players

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I am sure many of you have seen many documentaries but I am very sure not many you have seen a documentary on badminton where some of the ex professional players confessed that they started playing badminton at their ...

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