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Trick Shot – Fake net then lift

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A good trick shot for you to practice and learn where you fake your opponent making them believe that you are going to do a net shot but you trick them and lift the shuttle to the back court.

Crazy under the leg winner!

1.32K Views0 Comments

One of the best shots which is under the leg that produces a straight winner.

Peter Gade best tricks and moves

4.08K Views0 Comments

Enjoy some of the finest moments by none other than Peter Gade. One of the best badminton players Denmark has produced!

Peter Gade trickshot from another planet!

5.21K Views0 Comments

Enjoy Peter Gade's trickshot which is quite hard to achieve. Won't be easy but you can try it out this weekend!

Lee Chong Wei lucky or trickshot?

5.00K Views0 Comments

Lee Chong Wei was stranded at the net and in the end played a lucky or trickshot against Marc Zwiebler? It's your guess!

Swiss badminton trickshots

4.96K Views0 Comments

Some out of this world trickshots. Are they real? For me to know, advice for you to find out!

Brilliant trickshot by Lin Dan

3.86K Views0 Comments

Lin Dan once again showed his class on court when he played a brilliant trickshot against a world class player, Chen Long. That's our Super Dan!

Lin Dan super return against Taufik Hidayat

3.57K Views0 Comments

Lin Dan made an astonishing return from a Taufik Hidayat attack and caught the Indonesian by surprise.

Lin Dan tricks Peter Gade

6.62K Views0 Comments

Lin Dan tricky wrist work caught Peter Gade by surprise. An easy point for Lin Dan but a tough one for Peter Gade to accept.

Lee Chong Wei epic trick shots

4.43K Views0 Comments

Lee Chong Wei produced some of his best moments in badminton with some of his best trick shots. Enjoy the video compilation dedicated to all Lee Chong Wei fans!

Cai Yun magnificent service return

5.30K Views0 Comments

Cai Yun made a magnificent service return from an almost impossible angle. Truly amazing shot!

Great defense by Lee Chong Wei

4.45K Views0 Comments

Lee Chong Wei once again showed why he has one of the best defense in the world when he defended like a rock against Kenneth Jonassen of Denmark. If you like this badminton blog then please consider subscribing to ou...

Taufik Hidayat wicked sick backhand strength

3.68K Views0 Comments

Taufik Hidayat showed once again why he is called the king of backhand.

Lin Dan perfect smash

5.01K Views0 Comments

Watch a compilation video where Lin Dan makes perfect smashes from all over the court. The one and only Lin Dan.

Koo Kien Keat amazing badminton show!

3.22K Views0 Comments

Koo Kien Keat known for his show boating on court. This video compilation shows how Koo Kien Keat puts up a show in the badminton court!

Lin Dan dream badminton

5.29K Views0 Comments

Lin Dan showing his skills and talent. It is a dream for any badminton player to play just like the great Lin Dan.

Badminton from another planet

7.42K Views0 Comments

Watch some of the best rallies where some of the shots are out from this planet. Watch it to believe it.

Badminton super points and smashes!

3.06K Views0 Comments

Enjoy some of the best points and smashes from the world of badminton!

Epic badminton!

4.47K Views0 Comments

Watch some of the most epic badminton moments. Be sure to catch it.

Badminton – Amazing and funny moments!

4.03K Views0 Comments

Enjoy badminton finest moments where you have amazing and funny moments in it. Watch the very best in court and it is a must watch!

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