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Lin Dan interview on Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade and Taufik Hidayat

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How does Lin Dan think of his 3 main great opponents (Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat and Lee Chong Wei) in his career life? Lin Dan: 3 of them are in different age and competitive game is like this, no matter how y...

The 4 kings battling out in the same court

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Every imagine that 4 of the greatest men single player take into court to battle it out? Yes it's true. Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat, Lin Dan and Peter Gade did an exhibition match where they test each other to t...

Badminton drill – Short serve backhand by Peter Gade

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Player is playing the shuttle into the court, seek a bit further than the service line. Focus Areas: 1. Finger feeling 2. Lowering body after service, standing ready. 3. Playing the service close to the top of the n...

Peter Gade trick shot – Fake hook then lift

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Peter Gade's favorite trick shot which is the fake hook then lift. Peter Gade show how it's done for this trick shot. Learn it and use it in your badminton matches.

Peter Gade farewell match against Lin Dan

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Peter Gade choose Lin Dan as his final opponent for his last international match. Can the cool Dane finish his last match in his career with a win against the best player of all time Lin Dan?

Lin Dan trick Peter Gade at the net

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Lin Dan responded immediately after retrieving a short serve by Peter Gade. He immediately trick the Danish player.

Peter Gade smashes the air

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Even the best players in the world make mistakes. Peter Gade in a freak miss smashes the air against Lee Chong Wei in a friendly match in China.

Peter Gade diving all over!

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Watch Peter Gade diving all over the court just to safe the shuttle from Lee Chong Wei.

Lin Dan favorite trickshot!

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Watch Lin Dan's favorite trick shot against Peter Gade in his final match as a professional player.

Peter Gade explains how to do his favorite trickshot

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Enjoy a short video where Peter Gade explains to his badminton fans on how he does his favorite trick shot. It is a must see video!

Agility training by Peter Gade

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Enjoy some short moments with Peter Gade where he shared ways on how to train on a badminton players agility. Enjoy this educational video.

Crazy trick shot by Dicky Palyama against Peter Gade

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Dicky Palyama made a crazy return against Peter Gade and won the rally with a thunderous smash. How on earth did Dicky get that shot back?

Peter Gade training drills

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During his days, link Peter Gade had to go thorough touch training. Enjoy the video where Peter Gade is having court drills to keep him on his toes always.

Peter Gade is back!

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Peter Gade the great Dane was back on court at an exhibition match in Belgium against Yuhan Tan. Enjoy his comeback on court.

Lin Dan super trick shot against Peter Gade

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Lin Dan made a super trick shot against Peter Gade. Lin Dan showed to the world his wrist power with this trick shot.

Peter Gade best tricks and moves

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Enjoy some of the finest moments by none other than Peter Gade. One of the best badminton players Denmark has produced!

Lin Dan vs Peter Gade China Masters 2006

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Lin Dan will play with Peter Gade in an epic matct at the China Masters 2006. Peter Gade will be looking for a victory but Lin Dan with the home crowd behind him will be hard to beat.

Peter Gade trickshot from another planet!

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Enjoy Peter Gade's trickshot which is quite hard to achieve. Won't be easy but you can try it out this weekend!

Lin Dan tricks Peter Gade

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Lin Dan tricky wrist work caught Peter Gade by surprise. An easy point for Lin Dan but a tough one for Peter Gade to accept.

Peter Gade tricks and super movements

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Peter Gade once the best player on earth shows his best tricks and movements in court. Enjoy his superb movements!

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