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Lin Dan’s mistress apologize for her misdeeds

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Another explosive interview this time by Lin Dan's mistress Zhao Yaqi where she apologize to everybody that she has cause hurt. The pressure from the public is so enormous and she couldn't take it anymore. Nonetheless...

Zhao Yaqi the model and actress that stole Lin Dan heart

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The breaking news of Lin Dan's affair with Zhao Yaqi really shocked the whole world, at the cost of major endorsement deals and the respect of fans worldwide. While many had criticised Lin Dan, who was once dubbed ...

Xie Xingfang will support Lin Dan after his affair

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After an explosive news on Lin Dan's extra marital affair with a Chinese actress and model Zhao Yaqi, his wife came out support Lin Dan and will be sticking by Chinese badminton star, days after news that he cheat...

Lin Dan sex scandal

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Lin Dan has issue an apology to his family members after being caught red handed after Weibo user calling himself 'Dtective Zhao' posted pictures and gifs he claimed showed the 2 time Olympic champion with a woma...

Lin Dan is human after all

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Lin Dan is a master of this particular trick shot but in this video it shows that Lin Dan is human after all after he failed to execute this trick shot against Sho Sasaki of Japan!

Lin Dan having a friendly match with his best friend Bao Chunlai

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One of Lin Dan's best friend is surely Bao Chunlai. We can see from the previous video that Bao Chunlai greeted Lin Dan from the airport after the Rio Olympics 2016. So in this video, Lin Dan is having some fun wi...

Raising an Olympic champion – Lin Dan

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This is a short documentary on Lin Dan where his mother played an inspirational role in making him twice Olympic champion. Enjoy this video as it's in Mandarin with English subtitles.

When you lost your racket against Lin Dan

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It is almost impossible to win a point against Lin Dan when you loose your racket in the rally. Marc Zwiebler have a different idea towards this!

Who is better? Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan?

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One of the greatest rivalry in badminton, Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. We are lucky to be born in this era to watch these two great players challenge each other to a higher level. Watch this video compilation and you dec...

Lin Dan not done with badminton just yet

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Good news for all Lin Dan fans as the Chinese ace will continue to play badminton. Everyone seems concerned about Lin Dan whether he will retire after Rio Olympic. Today, tadalafil when being interviewed by media,...

Lin Dan interview on Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade and Taufik Hidayat

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How does Lin Dan think of his 3 main great opponents (Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat and Lee Chong Wei) in his career life? Lin Dan: 3 of them are in different age and competitive game is like this, no matter how y...

Chen Long snubbed while Lin Dan receives superstar reception

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As the curtains for the Rio 2016 Olympics being brought down, Chen Long the gold medal winner didn't receive a heroes welcome when the Chinese team returned from Rio 2016. Instead Super Dan or Lin Dan received all ...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan Rio 2016 Full Match Video

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A historic win for Lee Chong Wei over Lin Dan in the Rio 2016 Olympics men single semi final. It was a match of high quality by both players and Lee Chong Wei prevailed in the end. Watch the full match video below. ...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan Live Rio Olympics 2016

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Lee Chong Wei will take on his greatest nemesis Lin Dan for a place in the Rio Olympics 2016 final. This might be the lastime the badminton fans all over the world will witness the great battle between these two g...

Lin Dan Vs David Obernosterer Rio Olympics 2016

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Lin Dan's second Group E match at the Rio Olympics 2016 was against David Obernosterer. Lin Dan should win easily in this match.

Lin Dan vs Vladimir Malkov Rio Olympics 2016

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Lin Dan gunning for a hattrick of gold medals at the Rio Olympics 2016. Lin Dan takes on Vladimir Malkov of Russia in a Group E match. Is the China dragon ready to defend his title?

Lin Dan demonstrate the backhand serve technique and shares why it’s a must learn

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The legendary Lin Dan already made his stand on the backhand serve technique. We must take his advice and learn it from him.

Twenty of the best rallies between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan

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This rivalry between two of the best men single players in the world of badminton is still on going and has been for more than 10 years. Enjoy some of the very best rallies between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan in their h...

Jonathan Christie vs Lin Dan Indonesia Open 2016

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Remember this name! Jonathan Christie of Indonesia caused a major upset at the recent Indonesia Open 2016 when he defeated Olympic champion Lin Dan. Watch the full match video!

Lin Dan demoralized Lee Chong Wei in Beijing 2008

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The whole nation of Malaysia was rooting for Lee Chong Wei to be the first Gold Medal in the Olympics but it wasn't to be as Lin Dan was just too strong for Lee Chong Wei on that day. Watch the match highlights where ...

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