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6 important things you need to know about badminton

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You think you know your badminton well? Let's see whether you realize the 6 important things in badminton. Here we go!

What do you know about the plastic shuttle cock?

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The plastic shuttle is being used often for kids and beginners. How much you know about this plastic shuttle? Paul Stewart will share his info about this shuttle!

Some funny moments after a service fault

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As we know, purchase when we serve, our racket heads cant be above our waist line. Here is a compilation of service faults with funny moments. Enjoy!

Trouble brewing at the Chinese camp after Rio 2016 Olympics

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It seems like the drama has not ended as the Chinese national team is rocked by many resignation. Almost the entire ladies team decided to quit the sports and some at a very tender age. Below are the lists of play...

Do you know where to position in a men doubles game?

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Positioning is also an important aspect in badminton. In this video, discount coach Paul Stewart will share with you all the positioning for a men doubles game. It is very educational and informative if you are playi...

Misbun Sidek Interview – Lee Chong Wei is a cheeky player

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One of the most decorated player in Malaysia's badminton player, Misbun Sidek was given an interview by Badminton Unlimited. See what he have got to say about himself, badminton and also Lee Chong Wei!

Stringing Victor Bravesword Lee Yong Dae+ with Yonex BG66 Force at 26 lbs

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Enjoy the journey of the badminton stringing of the Victor racker Bravesword Lee Yong Dae+ with a Yonex BG66 Force string at 26 lbs! This is so cool!

All you need to know about badminton string and tensions

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This video gives us a better insight on the badminton strings and tensions. Enjoy this Paul Stewart video and I hope all your questions on badminton strings and tensions can be answered here!

How to cut and remove your badminton string?

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It is always adviceable to cut your badminton strings from your racket if your racket tension is out or when you have a burst string. If you do not cut those badminton strings after your racket burst, treatment you m...

Lee Chong Wei badminton racket?

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Ever wondered what is Lee Chong Wei current badminton racket? Lee Chong Wei is currently using Yonex Duora 10. Learn more on this racket by watching this video.

Can you get more power and consistency in your badminton shots?

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It is very important for you to get more power and also consistency while hitting the birdie. When you have insufficient power in your shots, unhealthy your opponent will have an easy time retrieving your attacks. Mo...

Do you know which racket Lin Dan used during the Rio Olympics 2016?

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Lin Dan used the Voltric Lin Dan force Yonex racket at the recent Rio Olympics 2016. What do you know about this legendary racket? All will be shared to you in this video!

Difference between heavy head racket and light head badminton rackets

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Which kind of racket suits you more? The racket with a heavier head or lighter head? Personally i prefer the badminton racket with a heavier head. I feed that i can generate more power with it.

Lin Dan exclusive Yonex badminton shoes model – Review the difference

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Lin Dan's exclusive Yonex badminton shoes have many models. In this video, the coach will review the difference of all the Yonex shoes under Lin Dan series.

How to choose the right badminton strings and tension?

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In our earlier education video on badminton shoes, pharm I am sure many of you have learned a piece or two on those educational video. In this video, sovaldi you will learn to choose the right strings for your racke...

How to make your badminton shoes last longer?

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Earlier we shares a video on 5 important tips on choosing your badminton shoes. In this video, clinic we shall share with your the tips to make your shoes last longer. Enjoy!

5 important tips to choose your badminton shoes

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I received many messages on which racket to use, cialis which shoe to buy and many more. In this video, the coach will share with you on 5 important tips to choose your badminton shoes!

Time is up for Li Yongbo?

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The pressure is on for Li Yongbo after China failed to win this year's Thomas Cup! They surprisingly lost to South Korea 1-3 at home in Kunshan. Yongbo is urged to quit by angry fans after a shock Thomas Cup e...

Peter Stokes – Legend or faker?

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This guy seems to be able to do some very impossible trick shots. Some comments says that it's not fake will some people say it is fake. What say you? Legend or faker?

Is Soo Teck Zhi the answer for Malaysia?

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After a successful outing at the recent Asia Youth U19 Championship in Kota Kinabalu, Soo Teck Zhi is now looked as the future for Malaysia's in the men single department. Teck Zhi won the title with a 21-17, 1...

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