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Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat partnering in a triple match

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Have you seen 3 players taking on 3 in a badminton game? Yes in this match you will see Lee Chong Wei partnering Peter Gade & Taufik Hidayat. Standing the other side of the court will be Rexy Manaiky, Tan Boon Heong &...

Lee Yong Dae partners Peter Gade in a men doubles match

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Lee Yong Dae partners Peter Gade and takes on his old partner Yoo Yeon Seong and Ha Tae Kwon in The Legends Vision 2017 match. Let's watch this super battle between this two pairs!

Lee Yong Dae playing singles against Peter Gade!

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Who said Lee Yong Dae can't play good men single game? He took on Peter Gade in a Legend Vision Tour 2017 match in South Korea and the Korean ace stood his ground well against the legendary Danish player.

Top 20 mind bending badminton rallies

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These badminton rallies really out of this world. Just watch the top 20 of these rallies here. The over the back return at 1:05 is really crazy!

Do you know how you can jump higher?

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It is always important to jump in badminton. The higher you jump the better for you in badminton. For instance, if you can jump higher to do a smash, you can make you smash sharper. Learn these tricks who knows yo...

Badminton legends in action

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These legends took the court once more and they gave the crowd a hell of a time. Lee Yong Dae, Peter Gae, Yoo Yeon Seong and Ha Taekwon!

Lee Chong Wei casual backhand trick shot to open up play

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What Lee Chong Wei did at 0:35 really was so casual to set up the play. After a weak returned, Chong Wei finish off the rally with a jumping smash!

Lee Chong Wei did this to his opponent after close to 50 shots rally

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Lee Chong Wei finished off his opponent Wang Zhengming in style after a close 50 shots rally. Lee Chong Wei made an exquisite ridiculous slice on the tape to win the point. Watch at 0:52 to believe it!

Your success in badminton is down to your effort

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To reach the top of your game in badminton, you must put in loads of effort. One have to go the extra mile in their training in order to achieve that. The top players like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Keven Sanjaya, Vik...

Kevin Sanjaya brushing off his opponents

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New badminton sensation Kevin Sanjaya is always the talk of late. Watch this video which was compiled since 2014 where Kevin Sanjaya brushed off his opponents to their shocking!

Lee Chong Wei the smash terminator

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One of Lee Chong Wei's weapon is his powerful smashes. That is his forte to finish off a rally. Watch how the smoke came out from his racket when he finish off the rally against the mighty Chen Long!

Impossible trick shots with badminton trampoline

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Have you watched badminton being played using the trampoline as the court? This is an interesting way to play as you can jump and do many kind of tricks while playing with the trampoline. Watch the height the play...

17 Insane net blocks in badminton

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In this video you can watch 17 of the most crazy and insane net blocks in badminton. Watch the net block at 6:48 and you will be amazed how the player managed to respond to such a net block!

Look at Koo Kien Keat’s defense will surely blow your mind away

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Koo Kien Keat returned as almost impossible shot when he returned so many smashes aimed at him an in the end finish off with a winner. Watch this and you will agree with me!

Epic fail in trying to save the rally after badminton strings goes bust

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This badminton player tried his best to save the rally after his badminton racket strings goes bust but instead of just taking a replacement racket, he took his badminton bag as well to the badminton court. Epic f...

Is the new badminton rule change for service ridiculous?

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Viktor Axelsen and Kolding practicing their service in badminton as BWF might make a change in the rules. Let's see how these two players cope in case BWF change the service rules.

Fancy for some crazy power smash in badminton?

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You will not see so many badminton smashes ever except from this video. Crazy power smash? You got it!

Amazing badminton backhand smashes

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Want to see some astonishing back hand smashes in badminton? Watch this video now and you will surely be amazed by these kind of backhand smashes!

75 of the very best deceptions in badminton

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If you want to trick your opponent you need to be deceptive with your shots. Watch some of the very best deceptions in badminton from players like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Chen Long, Viktor Axelsen, Koo Kien Keat, Raji...

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo being arrogant or otherwise?

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In this video, we can see that Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo bend down in front of the net when the opponent hit a half court shot return. Is he trying to be arrogant or just want to avoid being hit by the shuttle? You d...

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