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A 350 plus kmph smash?

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Have you seen a smash this fast? 350 ++ kmph!! Enjoy the fast and furious video!

Tan Boon Heong & Sherlyn Tan Yean Ling wedding video

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Enjoy the wedding film of Malaysia doubles player Tan Boon Heong with his wife, tadalafil Sherlyn Tan Yean Ling. Enjoy and congratulations to this lovely couple!

Craziest rally in the history of badminton

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Cheng Shao Chieh showed to the world her never said die attitude by diving all over the court and eventually she won the point. This is crazy stuff as not many women can achieve or retrieve such shots that many times!...

Alan Kakinami can string a badminton racket in 14 minutes and 45s

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This dude, Alan Kakinami has fast hands as he can string a badminton racket in 14 minutes and 45 seconds. If you don't believe it, you must watch this video to believe!

China robot challenging human badminton players

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Can this be real? China has created a robot to challenge human players in a game of badminton. I think this robot should take on Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan to test on it's capabilities. What do you think?

Korean exhibition match

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What do you think about this exhibition match? It was taken in Korea!

Difference between badminton, tennis and ping pong – Lin Dan, Roger Federer and Ma Long

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Can you spot the difference between these 3 sports? Badminton, doctor Ping Pong and Tennis? These 3 great players really represent the greatest in their sports - Lin Dan, click Roger Federer and Ma Long. Enjoy this ...

Badminton racket flip

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We use to use soccer players flip the ball with their legs but Jamie Neill did the badminton racket flip with his leg. Enjoy!

Trampoline badminton

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These 2 words does not match well in badminton. What on earth is the badminton player doing on the trampoline? Have fun and enjoy watching this video!

Legends in action – Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade, Rexy Manaiky & Candra Wijaya

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A legends double match where Lee Chong Wei partnered Peter Gade and on the other end, nurse Rexy Manaiky partnering Candra Wijaya. In this video, stuff Rexy Manaiky tried a few range of trick shots to entertain the ...

Return from the dead – What a comeback!

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From 17-11 down in the 3rd set, for sale the Indonesian pair of Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo & Gideon Markus Fernaldi manage to beat Chai Biao & Hong Wei. It was indeed a great comeback from the dead by the Indonesian pair!

Superb dive and net shot

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I am sure most of you remember Howard Bach as he is a world champion in the men doubles partnering Tony Gunawan. In this video, Howard Bach was at the receiving end as his opponent manage to retrieve his delicate shot...

Lee Chong Wei partners Lin Dan in a men doubles game

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Every dream of a badminton fan is to see Lee Chong Wei partnering his biggest rival in badminton, treat Lin Dan in a men doubles game. You got it when these two great players partnered each other and took on Cai Yun-...

Have you seen Misbun Sidek in action before?

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Misbun Sidek one of the most eccentric badminton player during his time where he will go down in court with his colourful hair which is not a norm for a Malaysian. He has beaten the very best players in the world befo...

Are you sure this is an exhibition game?

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The high level of badminton in Korea is really amazing as the video that you are about to watch is only an exhibition game. Don't believe? Watch it to believe it!

Top 10 fastest badminton smash in 2016

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Don't miss on the top 10 fastest smash for year 2016. You will be surprised to see some of them in this list!

The ultimate warrior – Cheng Shao Chieh

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In front of her home crowd, ask Cheng Shao Chieh continued playing even though she was carrying an injury late into the 3rd game. She managed to win the match! It was really a gallant show by this petite girl from Ta...

Super men doubles rally

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A crazy rally that have it all in a men doubles match between Kenichi Hayawaka0 of Japan taking on an Indonesian new pair! Don't miss out on this superb rally!

Now you know why people don’t like to play in Korea?

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The 2015 Summer Universiade, search which is officially known as the XXVIII Summer Universiade, was held in the city of Gwangju, South Korea. In a men doubles match, the Chinese team had a good smash which was almos...

Hit his double partner even after winning a point

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This was taken in Indonesia when a men double pairing turn out to be big time enemy. One of the players chased another player all over the court just to hit him.

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