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How to do the backhand smash defence?

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When we are attacked in the backhand corner, we must know how to defend it. In this video, Shawn will show us how to do it with our leg movements while defending a smash on our backhand corner. We must always reme...

How to do the long backhand serve in badminton?

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The long back hand serve can be use to deceive your opponent whether you are in a single or double match. If you are in a double match, make sure you long back hand serve does not over the first line at the back of th...

How to do the precise backhand drop shot?

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A lot of practice is needed for this backhand drop shot. Most people have weaker backhand shot if compared to forehand. To be delicate is essential in hitting this backhand drop shot. Learn by watching this video...

How to do the offensive and defensive lift in badminton?

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Whenever our opponents hit a drop shot or net shot we can have these two shots to make. 1 is the offensive lift and another is the defensive lift. The offensive lift is done when the contact point of the shuttle is...

How to do cross court net shot from the backhand corner?

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This backhand cross court net shot is use to trick your opponent at the front court. You can move your opponent from one end to another but this shot requires a delicate touch in order for you to make this shot work. ...

How to return the low backhand serve in badminton?

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It is essential for us to learn and master the return of serve well. As we know, the low backhand serve is very popular not only in double matches these days, even single players are using this serve regularly. So ...

How to do the defensive backhand at the rear court?

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When we are attacked on our backhand side of our rear court, we often make a loose return (If we are not good with our backhand yet). This will allow an easy opening for our opponents to finish us off in the rally. ...

How to do the jump smash in badminton?

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Another essential skill that we need to learn and practice in badminton is the jump smash in badminton. The higher you can hit the shuttle the more advantage for you as you will have more angle to more a sharper shot ...

How to boost up the power of your backhand?

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We always ask how to increase the speed and power of our backhand shot. In this video, we can learn from the coach the tips and secrets of boosting our backhand shot. I am sure many is eager to learn this as there ...

Learn the backhand smash technique

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One of the hardest shot in badminton but this coach makes it looks easy when he executed the backhand smash. It's a very technical shot where loads of practice needs to be done in order to perfect this shot. Noneth...

Badminton trickshot – Fake backhand clear

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We are back with another trick shot compilation video. This time, we will share with you the fake backhand clear which is used once in a while by Lin Dan. Watch and practice this trick shot and it might come handy...

Badminton trickshot – Cross court net shot from forehand side

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This is indeed a very rare trick shot as I have not seen it done in the badminton tour before. Nonetheless, this trick shot will come in handy whenever you want to try and trick your opponents at the front part of the...

How to hit drive shot – Badminton lesson with Jung Jae Sung No.4

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We are back again this time Jung Jae Sung will share with us on how to hit the drive shot in badminton. This shot is essential if we want to inject more pace in a badminton rally. Speed things up to rattle your op...

How to hit a smash shot – Badminton lesson with Jung Jae Sung No.3

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As we know, Jung Jae Sung had a successful partnership with Lee Yong Dae in men doubles. Without doubt, Jung Jae Sung has a superb smash shot when he was partnering with Lee Yong Dae. In this video, Jae Sung will ...

Tie your shoe lace the Lee Yong Dae way

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Lee Yong Dae is back with a video where he share his knowledge on how to tie on the shoe lace on your badminton shoes. You might think that this is an easy task but you should see how the pro do it. Enjoy!

How to hit a clear shot – Badminton lesson with Jung Jae Sung No.2

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After yesterday's video on Jung Jae Sung the Korean legend sharing his tips on the drop shot, today we shall watch his 2nd video on how to hit a clear shot. Learn from the legend so that you can play like a legend ...

How to hit a drop shot – Badminton lesson with Jung Jae Sung No.1

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Do you still remember this legendary player Jung Jae Sung of South Korea? He had a successful partnership with Lee Yong Dae. He is retired now and is sponsored by Dunlop. In this video, Jung Jae Sung will share wi...

Attack and lift badminton drill

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This is a drill where you can practice your accuracy on your attack shots and also your lift towards the baseline. It is important to have a potent attack in badminton. Not only that, when you need more time to get ba...

How consistent is your backhand low serve?

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The backhand low serve is now very popular in badminton regardless whether it is in single or double matches. Most importantly you must get this serve consistent because if you make a weak serve or even serve to the n...

Advanced smash secrets

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If you are looking to enhance your smash in badminton, this is the video for you as it has some secrets which is essential for you when you are doing a smash.

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