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Gwangjin gu badminton gym

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Have you seen a badminton gym before? If not, let's have a tour at the Gwangjin Gu badminton gym in South Korea!

Contact point for the overhead stroke in badminton

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Do you know where is the contact point for an overhead stroke in badminton? If you don't know where it is, you must watch and learn from this coach.

How to do the short serve in badminton?

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Even silver Rio Olympics medalist Chan Peng Soon has a problem with his short serve. What else if it's us? Watch this video to learn a trick or two to improve our short serve!

Drive wars another Rogue One Star Wars in the making?

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A badminton practice where both players practice to do the drive and the intensity can be increase anytime and when needed. Simple but effective way to train your badminton drive!

Warming up before playing badminton

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Warming up is essential before you start your training or a match in badminton. This is to avoid unnecessary injury. Learn some of these techniques and use it to good effect!

The Classic badminton style

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This video is an old fashion video where the coach teaches the badminton footwork. The classic badminton style or in another words, the grandfather style badminton!

Badminton defense drill

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This drill uses a badminton machine to feed the shuttle and the purpose of this drill is to practice your defense. Try it out. You can replace the machine with a human for this drill.

Viktor Axelsen sharing his badminton technique in slow motion

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Up and coming future champion, Viktor Axelsen sharing his badminton technique in slow motion in the court. It is a must watch video for those aspiring to be like Viktor Axelsen.

Have you seen how the professional train?

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Have you seen the great Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Jan O Jorgensen and many more professional players train before? What have they been up to reach their levels today? Watch this video and maybe you can learn a trick or ...

How to do the tiptoe agility in badminton?

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Tip toeing in badminton? If you have no idea on what is all about, you better watch this educational video now.

You must minimize opponent return options

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Regardless whether you are playing singles or doubles, you are always advice to minimize your opponent return options. In short, you have lesser court to cover when you opponents only have 2 or 3 kind of shots he can ...

Do not lift the shuttle

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In doubles or mixed doubles matches, it is always advice-able not to lift the shuttle at all cost. It is always easier said than done, but if you lift the shuttle, you will return the initiative to your opponents to a...

How to do the block shots in badminton?

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Especially in doubles, the block shot is very important and does not need to be big movements. You need to bend your knees to do the block shot well.

Specific badminton training – Drive Shot

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Learn from the former head coach of Chinese Taipei badminton coach Liao Guo Mao on doing the drive shot in badminton. Learning from the experts will expedite your knowledge and speed of learning towards the game.

Badminton is all about anticipation

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Before your opponent hit the shuttle back to you, one must be able to read the opponents next shot in order to move better and also swiftly in court. This video is all about anticipation in badminton. Enjoy!

Speed kills in badminton

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Lee Chong Wei shows to the world why speed kills in badminton. Known as the Pegasus by some of the badminton commentators, Chong Wei's speed on court is nothing short than phenomenal!

Lee Yong Dae-Yoo Yeon Seong position rotation analysis for doubles footwork

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If you want to have a footwork like Lee Yong Dae & Yoo Yeon Seong in men doubles, you need to watch this video now. It is very educational!

Control the net and you will win your match

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In doubles, it's important for you to control the net. As you can see from this video, if you can control the net, you will win your match. As simple as that. Don't believe? Watching is believing!

X-Shuttle badminton drill

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Have you heard of this drill? It's more for singles play and i can bet it's very interesting way to train. You will need a game play to outwit your opponent!

Are you a brave badminton player?

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The title says it all. Are you a brave badminton player or otherwise?

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