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Attack and lift badminton drill

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This is a drill where you can practice your accuracy on your attack shots and also your lift towards the baseline. It is important to have a potent attack in badminton. Not only that, when you need more time to get ba...

How consistent is your backhand low serve?

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The backhand low serve is now very popular in badminton regardless whether it is in single or double matches. Most importantly you must get this serve consistent because if you make a weak serve or even serve to the n...

Advanced smash secrets

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If you are looking to enhance your smash in badminton, this is the video for you as it has some secrets which is essential for you when you are doing a smash.

Workout like Lin Dan

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This video will share with you some of the workout done by none other than Lin Dan of China. Learn and enjoy from the best only can you be the best!

How does Lee Chong Wei prepare himself?

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Preparation before a training session or tournament is part and parcel of every sportsman. How does the very best which is Lee Chong Wei prepare himself before a tournament? Warming up is part of his routine which ...

The secret of the overhead drop shot

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The overhead drop shot is a good weapon to catch you opponent off guard in a badminton match. If you can perfect this shot, you will have the advantage of causing many uneasiness for your opponents in a match.

How to do training drills in badminton?

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One of the most simple training drills in badminton is the multi feed shuttle drill where the coach holds a bunch o shuttles in one arm he uses the other arm to throw the shuttle. The coach can vary the speed at wh...

Gym training to improve your badminton

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These exercises might help you when you play badminton. We not only have to spend a lot of time in the badminton court doing court drills or shuttle drills. Gym training is also important for us to improve our stre...

Unleashed the beast in the gym for your badminton

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Working in the gym is important for all badminton players. You need to build up your strength in order for you to have attributes like speed, power, explosiveness and many others. Watch some of the very top players...

Badminton Tactic – Sudden explosive change of pace

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Suddenly changing the pace by adding explosive speed in your feet movement is one of the most common, if not, the most used tactic in Singles in order to gain advantage and/or to score a point. This tactic breaks t...

Badminton Tactic – Sideline smash against a short badminton opponent

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Maybe you might not realize this simple badminton tactic but it is always useful if you have a good sideline smash and your opponent is not that tall which is 178cm or below. Practice your sideline smash and perfec...

Xia Xuanze training the Chinese juniors

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Xia Xuanze the former World Champion puts the Chinese junior players into some intensive training. This is how the Chinese team trains in China!

Lee Chong Wei dancing in the badminton court

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Have you ever seen Lee Chong Wei dancing in the badminton court? If not, this is the video for you to see!

How to do the attack drive in badminton?

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The attack drive is very important if you want to increase the tempo or speed in your rally. By adding speed to your shots, your opponents tend to be more pressured. If your opponents are pressured by your shots, ...

Badminton secrets – how to quickly return shots at the net

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Let's share a badminton secret with our fans. It is important for you to return shots at the net in order to be prepared for your next shot. The coach in this video will share it with you!

Different kind of swings in badminton

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There are many different kind of swings in badminton and it is important for you to master all of them in order to play good badminton. Some examples of swings are the backhand overhead, forehand swing and many more....

Warming up the Aerobic way

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We can also warm up before a badminton training or match by doing aerobics. This can be proven effective as the whole Indonesian team was doing aerobic as part of their warm up. Try it out!

Badminton superstars gym training and intense drill workout

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In this video, you can see these players in action doing gym training and intense drill work out. Just to name a few of them, Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Ratchanok Inthanon and also Jan O Jorgensen. Do you think those ...

Explosive jump workout without going to the badminton court

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In badminton, we need to have explosive jump in order to make many different kind of shots especially if we are jumping. Those explosive jumps can give you more power when for instance hitting a jump smash. This...

Simple way for wrist and forearm strength

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With almost over 1.5 million views in this video, I am sure this video will be a good education video if you want to improve your wrist and forearm strengths. Watch now and learn from it.

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