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How to be deceptive on a badminton court?

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Deception is very important in badminton. You need to be deceptive to earn easy points or trick your opponents. Try to learn from this coach on the tips of being deceptive on court.

Tips for choosing the right badminton racket

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It is always difficult to choose the right badminton racket for your liking but in this video, the coach will share with your some advice on picking the right racket for you.

Have you heard of the stick smash whip in badminton?

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Another type of smash for your armoury in badminton? They call this the stick smash whip! Watch to learn more

Do you know the best way to tire out your opponent?

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Sometimes we are lost whenever out opponent can pick up all our shots in a badminton match. The main purpose in badminton is to tire out your opponents and if you opponents are not tired, you won't be able to make muc...

Do you know the secrets of making less errors in badminton?

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If you minimize your unforced errors in a badminton match, it is highly that you will end up victorious in that match. There are some untold secrets in doing so and the coach will share with you her secrets of making ...

How to increase your speed in the badminton court?

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Speed kills and if you have speed in badminton, it will surely win you games. In this video, the coach will teach you how you can increase your speed in the badminton court. Up the tempo and you will surely see better...

Do you know how to cover the whole badminton court?

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At times in badminton, you need to cover most part of the court after making a loose or weak shot to your opponents. It is important to learn and know how to cover the whole court when you are in trouble. Watch thi...

How to make a quick return shots at the net?

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This is one of the secrets of badminton where you will be thought on how to quickly return shots at the net in order to add more pressure to your opponents. If more pressure is added to your opponents, they are mo...

Dominate the front court and you are on your way to victory in badminton

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Most of the times, if you can dominate your opponent at the front court, it is most likely that you will come out tops. In this educational video, it teaches you the method and techniques of dominating the front co...

Doubles attacking system for badminton

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After learning the two common mistakes in doubles and also the basic positioning, now it's time to learn the doubles attacking system in order to finish off a rally in doubles. Learn the basic of this attacking sys...

Basic positioning practice for doubles in badminton

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After learning the two common mistakes in doubles, today we will learn the basic positioning for doubles in badminton. It is essential for you to know where to stand or where to position yourself in a doubles match.

Learn the backhand low service from Lin Dan

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After learning the low service from our previous episodes, this time you can learn the backhand low service from the legendary Lin Dan. Don't waste this opportunity to learn from one of the greatest player on earth in...

If you have consistency problems with your low serve in badminton

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The low service is widely use in this days badminton regardless whether it is a single or double match. Some players do tend to have problems with the low serve during crucial moments. Professional players also hav...

2 common mistakes for doubles player

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There are two common mistakes that is always repeated my doubles player regardless whether they are beginner or non professional. Let's watch this video and educate ourselves so that we don't repeat these mistakes on ...

Legal and illegal service in badminton

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We often see the service judge fault a player when serving in badminton. So are you clear about which serves are legal and which are not? Let's find out more!

Badminton for dummies

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Beginners in badminton? Don't frown or be sad as this is one of the best sports in the world and this video is just for you to teach you on some of the basics of badminton. Enjoy!

How China got the young kids to train badminton?

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China has been producing loads of talent in badminton regardless whether it was men or women, whether it is single or double. Their standards are set very high and talents will just flow out from the badminton camp. ...

Fast feet exercises for badminton

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If you want to train your muscles to be explosive like a bomb and quick like a cheetah while moving on the court, these fast feet exercises can help you to obtain the above. There are 10 different exercises for you...

Want to be a speed demon like Lee Chong Wei on court?

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To be a Pegasus like Lee Chong Wei on court with a super human speed? Then you will need to train your fast footwork. You will need to train your speed with this specific speed exercise. Some information on this t...

How to train the Lee Chong Wei slice shot?

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One of Lee Chong Wei favourite shot is the slice shot. This slice shot can make your opponent move from the middle of the court to the front court. Try this out!

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