Candra Wijaya sets another milestone in badminton for having a more than 14 hours nonstop training when he trained hundreds of children in badminton techniques at the Candra Wijaya International Badminton Center (CWIBC)

The training started off at 5 am and ended at 7 pm with to celebrate CWIBC’s 3rd anniversary as well to inspire young people to become shuttlers.

Candra hopes to develop badminton and wants to deliver a strong message to the aspiring shuttlers that they need to work hard to achieve their dreams of becoming badminton players.

Some of Candra Wijaya successes in badminton :-

  • World Championship 1997 (With Sigit Budiarto)
  • All England Championship 2003 (With Sigit Budiarto)
  • Sydney Olympic 2000 Gold Medalist (With Tony Gunawan)

All the best in Candra’s news journey and happy smashing!


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