Tan Chun Seang has been given the task to help Lee Chong Wei quest in beating Lin Dan in major tournaments or in a more consistent basis.

The main reason Chun Seang was choosen ahead of other back up players is because he is a left hander just like Lin Dan. Left handed players are not many in our national team. Chun Seang is one lucky boy!

The question is this, troche can Chun Seang help Chong Wei? Their standard is poles apart. My point of view it will help Chong Wei a little but not that much due to the difference of standard. The only advantage for Chong Wei is that he is traning with a left handed hoping that Chun Seang style of play will also reflect on the movements and thinking of a left handed player like Lin Dan.

What do you all think?

National back-up shuttler Tan Chun Seang will come under the charge of coach Misbun Sidek after the tournaments in Europe next month.

The move is to facilitate the training programme for Lee Chong Wei. And being a regular sparring partner for the world No. 1 will also benefit Chun Seang.

National chief coach Rashid Sidek said yesterday that Hendrawan had agreed to release southpaw Chun Seang to train under Misbun after the back-to-back All-England (March 9-14) and Swiss Open (March 16-21).

“Initially, treat the plan was to release Chun Seang to spar with Chong Wei whenever it was needed, nurse ” said Rashid.

“But the coaches met and felt that the best decision was to allow Chun Seang to train permanently under Misbun to support Chong Wei’s training programme.

“This is done in the best interest of the country. Sparring with a left-handed and aggressive player like Chun Seang will benefit Chong Wei.

“It will help Chong Wei in his preparations to deal with southpaws like Lin Dan (of China). It will also lessen the burden on Hendrawan, who has a big pool of players under his charge.”

The other players training under Hendrawan are Mohd Hafiz Hashim, Kuan Beng Hong, Chong Wei Feng, Liew Daren, Mohd Arif Abdul Latif, Lim Fang Yang, Kuan Kam Chung and Goh Soon Huat.

Misbun also has Chan Kwong Beng, Wong Mew Choo and Lok Chong Chieh under his care.

Rashid hopes to see the 22-year-old Chun Seang take full advantage of training with Chong Wei to jump start his career.

“The situation is like a double-edged sword for Chun Seang. He provides good quality sparring for Chong Wei and he will also gain a lot from Chong Wei. This may see a big leap in his game,” he said.

Chun Seang has been given a four-day break for the Chinese New Year and he resumes training on Wednesday to get ready for the German Open, which will be held at Mulheim from March 2-7.


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  • good strategy for facing the “Super-Dan”…

  • labelle 8 years ago

    its a good idea in theory but in reality nobody can compare to lin dan

  • kming 8 years ago

    Well, i think it's a good idea for lee chong wei because it will give him some reflex with a left handed player. But it's also a good thing for malaysian badminton in general, because Chun Seang can only step out of this with a best badminton play.

    But i think in the other way that It's a small error if they only concentrate to Lin Dan beacause Lee Chong Wei loses most of the time against others opponents (ex: all england 2008 – WC 2009,…) before meeting lin Dan. I think that the first ting to work on is the mentality.

    And also, comparing to Chun Seang, i think that Lin Dan remains Lin Dan.

    Ki-Ming (Formely knonw as David)

  • martin_ger 8 years ago

    kmig you definitely have a point…it doens't matter that chong wei can beat lin dan because of some training with a left-hander if he loses some round earlier…there are other players…right-handers who can defeat him, especially thinking about taufik when he's on his day and chen jin
    on the other hand i think it's ok to try to push chong wei to the real top…
    greetigs from germany..

  • na na na 8 years ago

    God this is so freaking funny. It's like their obsessed with beating Lin Dan. what's next, they get a Lin Dan look alike and dress him up to play with LCW? Maybe they should use voodoo and curse Lin Dan with pins and needles. Shit, I'd laugh my ass off come the All England if LCW doesnt even make the finals. Id laugh even harder if LCW loses to a right handed player instead. This site is obsessed with LCW and Haifz. There's better things to be obsessed over in life, like barbeque pork and roast duck.

  • Muhammad Afzal 8 years ago

    I am agree with you that though Tan Chun Seang is left hander but every one has his own style & ideas of playing.

  • fluffy89 8 years ago

    good strategy, but depends as chun seang is not lin dan so even sparring with a left-hander, may not mean of beating lin dan.

  • UUSee 8 years ago

    Okay, Now I finally understand that LCW was beaten because LinDan is left handed. Hahaha……

  • I think it's a tough call. Lin Dan gets to train with Bao Chunlai, Chen Jin and all sorts of great players all the time. His sparring quality is so high. But in reality, the greatest challenge for Lee Chong Wei is the mental part of the game. When Lee is playing at his best, he can compete with Lin Dan, and beat him too sometimes. Lin Dan is just so great in those big moments.

    Something else I'd like to add is that Lee Chong Wei gets a lot of criticism for not beating Lin Dan, or that he chokes. But we need to keep in mind that if it weren't for Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei would have an Olympic Gold, an World title, and All Englands too. Lee just has the misfortune of being the same age as the greatest player of all time.

  • na na na 8 years ago

    I dont know man, if Lin Dan were not around its quite possible that LCW may have at least one big title but the olympic gold is uncertain. Gade played a better game against Lin in that tourny then LCW and in many ppls eyes that was the defacto finals.And Gade is no slouch either when playing against LCW. All this hype and training and talk about LCW beating Lin Dan is silly. The mentality this creates is that the tournament is LCW's and the only person in his way is Lin. Hello.. it's not so simple as that. Concentrate on making it to the finals first, then beating Lin second. All this does is put more pressure on the poor dude. At this point Sony and Gade has put up better games against Lin then lcw has at times. It's gonna be such a harsh burn if LCW concentrates so much on beating Lin Dan but then doesnt make the AE finals.

  • Andrian 8 years ago

    i totally agree with Na na, look at how sharp LD smashes, can Chun Seang smashes as hard and as sharp as LD. Also, it is to note that LD is LD, he will change his game and strategy accordingly. Seriously, I hate LD from top to toe, he is cocky and he sucks! but i truly like the way he plays badminton, he brings the game alive, As i have noticed, LD will make all sort of distraction in order to gain points, if he doesn;t do so in the game. To me, there is not much of advantage to play against a left handed player, LCW should try to think what LD think to overcome his internal fear. LD is like a tiger roaring on court, LCW should tame him by answering to all his smashes, once LD can;t get thru with his smashes and erratic behaviour on court, his game will collapse. I notice this in the matches where LCW beat LD. Perhaps, LCW should capitalize on this!

  • i agree wt Andrian and for example u can watch 09 england open finals.

  • na na na 8 years ago

    OK, let's be fair. Lin Dan some say is cocky, true or not true…but have any of you ever met Taufik? I have friends who have met him and you know what, Taufik doesnt even at times wave to his adoring fans. He at times doesnt even egknowledge their existance. Lin Dan when asked about his success has replied that he's “not special and that he just works hard.” Does that sound like a man whos cocky? Second point, being cocky is alot diffferent from being arrogant. If Lin Dan can do the things he says he can then i could care less. Every great athlete, artist, fighter are all cocky and dont say otherwise cause we all know that's true. Thirdly, imho Lin Dan has got that inner drive, killer instinct and discipline that most players can only dream of. LCW is a superb retriever but you can't win by just retrieving alone. When you're playing the big game and Lin Dan is whipping 200 -plus km smashes at you I dont care how good at retrieving you are, you're gonna lose points. What Lin Dan does better then anyone else is GOING after the point, the game, the match. The game is won by the person who will TAKE it, not someone whos waiting to have it handed to them.

  • LD, LCW and Taufik are all talented players with great skills. I used to prefer the way Taufik, LCW and Gade played, I still love seeing them play now.

    LD was certainly cocky and he has been criticised for his on court behavior a couple of times – that was a couple of years ago though. Back then, even though he was number 1, I thought Taufik was a better player. But since mid 2008, LD changed completely. He's more mature, physically much stronger and his skills improved tremendously. Last year, when I saw him played in a few tournaments, my perception changed. I now enjoy seeing him play as much as I like seeing Taufik, Gade and LCW at their top forms. I have grown to like him as a player and I have to agree that no one at this present moment can play better than LD.

    What LCW lack is physical strength and mental toughness (but he has improved on that a lot recently). LCW is effortless in his movement around the court and his stroke is a pleasure to watch – Same goes to Taufik, but Taufik lacks commitment, sometimes I really think he has not taken full advantage of his natural talent.

    If LCW can inject more power into his attacking game, he would be a truly complete player.

  • Steven 8 years ago

    The question ( Can C.S. help Chong Wei in beating Lin Dan? ) itself is very depressing. It look like Chong Wei have already lost the match before even started!!
    I believe if Lee Chong Wei keeps cool with good mentality, he can beat Lin Dan. After all Lin Dan had been beaten before, not once, or twice but several times.
    Well, Lee Chong Wei you have my support!!

  • na na na 8 years ago

    It's obvious that when Lin was #1 ranked in the world he was not in his peak and Taufik was in his peak. This is dictated by hindsight as the player that lin was back then is nothing compared to the player he was. Taufik on the other hand was in his peak back then because now its easy to see he has definately not improved and in some eyes has gotten worse- or- other players in the field have gotten better. As for Lins “cockiness” did you expect the man to be a saint? Maybe he can preach to the masses after he wins a match, give it a rest. The man is a heck of an athlete and he wins quite a lot, when he was young, when he wasnt in his prime and even when he is. How many players have that kind of success? A lot of people have a hard time grasping the fact that as you get older you dont improve physically, its just nature. Gade and Taufik are barely hanging on to what they had. And Hafiz, well he was done a long time ago, it's just that his ego forgot to tell him. I dont know how much more LCW can do when it comes to power, he looks like hes built for cardio and moving around but if he didnt have a power game then it may be too late now. Anyways,LCW better start improving soon because the badminton clock is always ticking and it never stops for anyone.

  • na na na 8 years ago

    # compared to the player he IS”

  • Well, I think regardless of what the players do, as long as they keep improving their games, we as spectators will stand to benefit from it.
    I think the men games now have improved in terms of speed and power that it makes the games a lot more interesting and exciting to watch.

    Regarding whether Chun Seang can help Chong Wei in beating Lin Dan? Well, I dont really care to be honest. I am more interested in knowing whether he can provide us with more entertaining badminton with his new training partner. And I guess if Chun Seang can in turn become a top player as a result of this, then that would be a plus for the badminton circuit.

    We need more new players to challenge the current top players. How many times have we seen a lopsided badminton matches just because the standard between the top and lowly ranked players are so great?

  • Wizzerd 8 years ago

    It may be a good idea but TCS does not have the explosive power, speed and tactical play of Lin Dan. This is only one aspect that LCW has to address. At the same time, he has to be wary of other right handed players such as Chen Jin, his nemesis Sony Dwi Kuncoro, even Nguyen Tien Minh who can create an upset.