The questions on most of the people mind is that can Lee Chong Wei ever beat China’s Lin Dan? From what i see, it’s a tough act to beat Lin Dan.

Chong Wei’s record speaks itself as Chong Wei is on a loosing streak against his nemesis. Both players have similar skills, speed and stamina but why Chong Wei keep on loosing?

From what i see Chong Wei needs to improve on this aspects of his game to beat Lin Dan :-

1] Mentally prepared to fight and not fear Lin Dan

2] Keep a slower match pace as Chong Wei

3] Confidence

I am sure Chong Wei can overcome Lin Dan if he’s mentally prepared as most of the time i see that Chong Wei lost 50% of the war already even before he takes the court. Fear not Chong Wei!

Please share your views on what Chong Wei should do to beat the mighty Lin Dan from the Great Wall! ^^

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  • steven 8 years ago

    beside mental preparation, i think chong wei must have skill training….
    Lin dan is one step ahead on skill, power, footwork..

    • jason 8 years ago

      To steven : I think otherwise. I think skill, power and footwork almost the same. Just mental aspect poor only.

  • steven 8 years ago

    jason, would u like to upload semifinal and final of swiss open? cant wait that,,,,

  • carmen^^ 8 years ago

    juz hope chong wei can win~~

  • I am sure LCW would be able to be Lin Dan, if he would have a stronger mental approach. But, honestly speaking, the type of game of Lin Dan is so creative, so fantastic that the strong defense of LCW is not sufficient to beat Lin Dan on a regular base. LCW should also play mor agressive, and he does it very often against other opponents! then why not against Lin Dan? Again a mental problem? Anyway, two wonderful champions, no doubt about that. Respect for both of them

    • jason 8 years ago

      To lulu : I don’t think Chong Wei can win if he more aggressive. He should slow the game first then only attack. You look at Chong Wei’s smashes against Lin Dan, how many points he collected? While Lin Dan made more mistaken when the rally get’s longer.

  • To Jason: First of all, thanks a lot for all the videos, this is really great to look at it! good job!
    Regarding the type of game of LCW, if he slows down the game too much , that will not disturb Lin Dan. For instance, Lin Dan is as good as LCW at the net, and the first who would lift the shuttle would be in a bad position to win the point. Both players are great champions, Lin Dan is extremely creative, LCW is most probably the best defense in the world….. both are very close….it is good for us! 🙂 But what about Chen Jin….he is better and better as well…….

  • LCW is as good as LD in all departments except the smash, cross court. This does not to say LCW hasn’t got a good smash. There is no M’sian player who can simulate LD’s smash. BAM may need to hire Lee Hund Il or a good leftie who jump smash to counter this. Let’s wait what happens tonight at Swiss Final, I am sure LCW is getting closer, might win a game or even the tie. He must win the first game.

  • I’m guessing that’s the difference between a talented player and well-trained player.

  • jerome 8 years ago

    i do believe that lcw should play more aggressive, play more on the net and reduce the height of shuttlecock to the back to minimise the number of jump smashes made by lin dan.
    although lcw’s defence is known as the best in the singles badminton world, some of ld smashes are really too sharp and fast to catch…

  • LCW did win the first game as well as the match too. I am so happy for him but what I said here yesterday about winning the first game and watch LD’s cross court smash would have been what Misbun said to LCW too, except better than I did. Well done LCW, the monkey is off your back and Malaysia boleh!!

  • joshua 8 years ago

    im josh from Philippines…
    for me lee chong wei is the player fitted in the game badminton…
    the way he poses, the way he smashes and most especially is his humble attitude inside the court… but the sad thing is, he can’t beat lin dan… 🙁
    jason thank you so much for your videos.. its great!!!
    just a suggestion, i more like your youtube videos than this new slower one… thnaks anyway…

  • 8 years ago

    Malaysia boleh! Well done both LCW and KKK/TBH…. I was only able to watch part of LCW/LD game… can’t wait for the full game posting here…

  • finally LCW won over Lin Dan. So it make Lin Dan is beatable even watch him playing beaten LCW times and times. So Swiss Open is based to move on another level for LCw !! Good job LCW !!
    U make all the Malaysian proud !!

  • At AE Championships, the match statistics for LD against LCW is 14-3 on smash, 8-4 on net play and most consecutive points is 7-4 respectively. But mighty LCW turned this around at Swiss to 8-4 for smash to LCW, 12-10 on net play and 7-4 for consecutive points. This was a landmark victory and you should be at LCW’s parents’ house last night, it was so full of “yes”,”yes” LCW is more all-round player than LD who relies on his booming smash. Misbun is doing a good job.

  • I guess as we saw today, yes he can beat Lin Dan. I think you make some good points, Lee can’t be afraid of Lin Dan if he wants to beat him. Lee seems to struggle in the big events, he can’t seem to conquer his nerves. Once he figures out how to stay calm, he’ll be able to beat Lin Dan in the big events like All England, Worlds etc.

  • Chiang Shih-Hwang 8 years ago

    Be a player or an athlete or even veryone, there is a period of higher or lower status. From these two matches (Olympic and All England) Lin Dan seemed to be better status than LCW. Also I saw that Lin Dan had mutual mental situation in these two games, he had bad-temp before. Since both of them are excellent players in badminton, but Lin Dan may go lower in some times.
    I guessed LCW would win at least one match in the following 3 tournaments.

  • Lin Dan 8 years ago

    You guys no need to guess again!ME and CHONG WEI are same actually but i can beat him because chong wei is lack of confidence 10% compare to me.He surely can beat me if his mental confidence is very strong.I’m sure he can do it for this year world championship at India.I know he had prepared since now.This Year men singles’ world championship belong to LEE CHONG WEI.He will beat me if we meet at that time.I had decided to retired by the end of this year.Thanks for supporting me.

    Translated by:Martin Teo as being asked by LIndan 2009/06/03

  • Lee Chong Wei 8 years ago

    Thanks Lin Dan for the support, but i have failed you at the India World Championships

  • Veron 7 years ago

    i think you didn't say it accurately. Skill is better than Lin dan, but speed is also on par but sometimes slower a bit than Lin Dan. This is what i think because sometimes when he is slower in returning Lin Dan shot and sometimes when Lin Dan was able to return some of his hard flat shot to the baseline and pull aside a big lead, his confidence started to crumble. In terms of stamina also quite good but not as good as Lin Dan. This is what i think he should work harder on. If all these criteria are improve, i should say definitely all the mental, confidence problem will definitely not be a problem. There must be something still lacking although Chong Wei also train very hard. He can sure beat Lin Dan

  • Veron 7 years ago

    Lin Dan's footstep are a bit bigger than Chong Wei. This is why he can block Chong Wei's smashes more easily. This is why when Chong Wei can play more aggressively when facing other opponent, but less aggressively when facing LD. Patience is very much needed to rally Lin Dan then only attack when opportunity is gained, so as when Lin Dan is facing Chong Wei as both player are equally capable. Too often smashing will not only turn Chong Wei from active to passive but can also drain Chong Wei's energy more faster than Lin Dan, when facing an opponent which is also equally fit or better in terms of energy.

  • Lin Dan is extremely creative and powerful. He plays with such an aggressiveness in court.He is damn confident that he can’t be beaten.On the other hand LCW lacks confidence against Lin Dan.LCW is also a wonderfully Talented person.There is many a times when LCW was leading the game and in last minutes Lin Dan turn it around (eg .2012 world championship,london Olympics etc ).I think LCW should upgrade his game.2-3 points I would make while compairing both are :

    LCW is a very defensive person.But he couldn’t defend powerful smash from Lin Dan.

    Many a times he throws the shuttle back court,May be he is confident in defending.But he should plan or find opportunities to gain points by playing tight net spins.

    Lin Dan way of retrieving smash is so amazing as it makes the powerful smash from LCW so simple.

    LCW just putting his bat firmly on the trajectory of shuttle as fast as he can.But Lin Dan is doing it by quickly flashing his bat finding right contact point.This technique seems effective in touching high speed objects.