The 1st exercises can be used by trained feeders and coaches, order and the 2nd exercise can be used by all players. The first exercises develops both moving to the rear court and front court, where the 2nd exercises only develops moving to the front court.

RULES: 1st exercise: Feeder plays a soft smash or clip, a bit away from the sideline and the second shuttle can be played to all 4 corners. The player steps out, and falls back into a split step and reacts to the second shuttle that can be played to all corners. 2nd exercise: Feeder throws a fast throw, and the second throw is thrown either beside the feeder or cross court just over the service line.

NOTICE: Player steps out on either left or right foot when reaching the first shuttle. (Forehand side: right foot – Backhand side: left foot)

Focus Areas:
1. Low center of gravity.
2. Fast explosive split steps ending with long lunges. (steps)
3. Keeping core stability moving to the second shuttle.


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