Player is playing the shuttle into the court, seek a bit further than the service line.

Focus Areas:
1. Finger feeling
2. Lowering body after service, standing ready.
3. Playing the service close to the top of the net – Precision.

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  • Paras Shah 2 years ago

    I would like to suggest that you be more descriptive in what you are trying to explain or demonstrate. Imagine trying to explain to a 5 year old.

    Is this short serve for Singles or Doubles?
    Why this short serve is meant to be a short arc just clearing the net and landing on or just beyond the service line?
    What is the server getting by serving short? What advantages, balanced against what disadvantages?
    Reasons to serve short straight versus short wide?
    What is the server trying to make the receiver do by returning a short serve?
    Why is the server lowering the body?
    What is the server preparing for?
    What is the server trying to cover or defend?
    I love your videos, but when a beginning player looks at them, they have no idea what to look at or what to look for and why.