Player is making it look as if the stroke is played long line to the back of the court, illness and with double actions of the racket sending the shuttle cross court to the net. Player is getting close to the shuttle, ask almost having impact with shuttle when looking like as if the stroke is played long line. This deception is very important, and will make your opponent fall to the back of the court.

This stroke is one of the toughest strokes one can perform in badminton, and player needs to relax in fingers and wrist before impact with shuttle. It is very unnatural for the wrist/lower arm to turn clockwise, and it is therefore very important, that player uses the fingers to push racket further towards shuttle.

Focus Areas:
1. Timing with the shuttle.
2. Deception – Make the stroke look as if played to the back of the court.
3. Relax in wrist/lower arm and use finger-power.


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