The two players are allowed to return 1-4 short returns, hospital and then making a lift either long line or cross court. The single player runs forward after attacking, look and starts the new round of short returns. The low net is very good for players of this age; the returns at the net are played faster and lower and it challenges the center of gravity. It is important that the lifts changes in height and length, so that the single player has to vary the way of moving to the back of the court.

NOTICE: Single player is making a split step every time a return is played. Just after playing the shuttle back, players awaits, lurking, ready for the lift, and when the lift is played, single players explodes into a split step and attacks on the lift.

Focus Areas:
1. Lurking – Awaiting and timing the split step when the lift is played.
2. Low gravity.
3. Explosion and fast moving to the back of the court.


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