This is a brilliant way of practicing to go to the deep corners. It is very hard to feed shuttles to the deep corners with a racket, discount especially for young players. This way it’s much easier to create the situation that is wanted to practice going to the deep corners.

RULES: Feeder is standing on the T-junction. Feeder is allowed to throw shuttles 6 places; the 2 deep corners, the 2 mid corners and just behind the feeder on every side. It is important that the feeder only throws to the deep corners when the throw before was placed behind the feeder in the opposite side. In this way you get the player away from the deep corner that you want the player to go to.

NOTICE: Players are using long push-steps (lunges), and pushing away immediately after the stroke. It is important, that player keeps focus on getting back into the court after each deep corner. Keeping balance with both arms is very important, and helps the rotation in body when stepping back into the court.

Focus Areas:
1. Wide base during exercise.
2. Long push steps (Lunges).
3. Stepping back into the court.


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