This exercise is a speed exercise, viagra where the player is pushed to the limit. Players learn to get very fast into the court after a return in the deep corners.

RULES: Player rotates as fast as possible after getting shuttle number 2, cheap and ending with a long lunge (step). It is important to stay as low as possible and keeping a good balance. Throw 12 shuttles and change turns.
NOTICE: Feeder throws 3 shuttles at a time. Feeder throws to the short forehand, then the deep backhand and final to the short backhand. Hereafter feeder throws to the short backhand, then deep forehand and final to the short forehand. Player needs to be under a lot of pressure, and it is important that there are some shuttles that are almost impossible to reach.

NOTICE: Feeder is standing on the T-junction.
Focus Areas:
1. Staying low and keeping balance using arms and upper body.
2. Get as fast back into the court after shuttle number 2 – Fast rotation.
3. Focus on having fast and explosive moves.


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