Players are playing flat play. They are trying to get as many strokes over the net as possible within one minute. They are allowed to drop the shuttle, sovaldi and start a new rally. The stroke only counts when played over the net. These two players are U-13 2. Year. (12 years old) and got 147 strokes – Beat this world record. Good luck.

NOTICE: Players are using backhand in forehand side because of the strength in the thumb. Players are using finger power to get maximum speed without making large swings.

NOTICE: Finger-Power is a way of generating power using fingers. When holding loose grip, purchase you are able to tightening your fingers just before impact with shuttle and thereby returning the shuttle with great power.

NOTICE: When receiving in forehand, health it’s an advantage to turn your grip slightly towards fried pan-grip. This gives a better angle during impact.

Focus Areas:
1. Moving racket towards the shuttle. The racket head should NOT move behind the hand before moving forward to the shuttle.
2. Standing with low gravity, distance between feet, and the body leaning forward.
3. Manly using backhand and finger power.


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