Player is making a forehand spin shot and a backhand spin shot. Player is stepping off with a directional split step to every corner, treat ending with a push step. Balance is kept with both arms when executing the stroke, healing standing in equilibrium position just before impact.

NOTICE: Finger feeling is a way of using fingers to achieve maximum feeling and precision.

NOTICE: The lowered net makes the exercises more suitable for players of this size, otherwise there’s a tendency of lifting the shoulder and arm to high at the net, developing wrong technique.

Focus Areas:
1. Equilibrium position, using both arms to keep balance just before impact.
2. Backhand grip and forehand grip. Very important that player are using finger feeling while executing the spin shot. Loose grip at all time.
3. Notice that the angle of the racket and the racket head is very important. If the racket angle is too small, the shuttle will drop down on players own side. If the angle on the racket head is wrong, it’s hard to make the right spin.


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