Player stretches arm towards shuttle, there keeping a loose backhand grip. Racket head is held in a downwards angle, recipe and it has to look like the start of a net shot or lift. This makes the stroke very hard to react upon for the opponent.

If the shuttle is reached further away from the body, it can be necessary to turn the grip a bit towards fried pan grip to obtain the right angle for playing the shot.

Just before impact, player pulls elbow towards the body, and rotates in hand. The racket hits the shuttle in an upwards angle.

The second the shuttle is hit, player stops the rotation. No follow through with racket.
Focus Areas:
1. Stretch arm towards shuttle.
2. Just before impact keep the racket head as playing a drop shot or lift.
3. When executing the stroke, hit the shuttle with racket in an upwards angle.


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  • monclaire 3 years ago

    These vidéos are very helpfull to a coach like me in remote country where badminton is at his first stage;I like to take lesson from them to my players and their game has changed really with thes skills!Thank you.