When opponent is making an overhead shot or a drive from the rear court to the front court. It could be a slice, viagra sale drop or a clip. The block is played very close to the net after passing the top of the net. (00:38) This way the opponent needs to get very close to the net to play a return. If player feels out of balance, doctor or feels that the opponent is getting very fast towards the net, the stroke should be played more into the court instead.
RULES: Feeder is throwing the shuttle with some speed, and throwing in a downwards angle. If the players are not as tall as the one in the exercises, it is ok to let the feeder stand with the back up against the net on the same side as the player.

NOTICE: If the player reaches the shuttle above knee level, player tries to lift the shuttle so the return is played very close to the net when the shuttle falls. The stroke is played with a minimum of slicing. If the player reaches the shuttle lower than knee level player is using more slicing to break the shuttle. (01:05)
NOTICE: Player is using footwork like in a match. Split step followed up by a lunge (Push Step). When the stroke is executed, the player falls back in a spilt step standing in offensive position ready to attack at the net or ready for lift.

Focus Areas:
1. Relaxing in grip using backhand grip and finger feeling.
2. Using both arms to keep balance during the stroke.
3. Using more or less slice depending on how high the shuttle is reached.


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