2 against 1. The two players are only allowed to play within their half court side, click so the single player has the opportunity to get as early on the next shuttle as possible. All strokes are allowed.

NOTICE: It is very important, that players are learning to anticipate, and from an early age. When single player are anticipating, player stands to the side where the shuttle is played. This gives an advantage in many ways. The long line return from your opponent is the fastest way to travel for the shuttle, and by standing to the side where the shuttle is played, player is able to be very offensive.

NOTICE: If opponent is very offensive, and is able to get very high on the shuttle, players stands a bit more to the center of the court. This rule is important when playing matches.

NOTICE: This tactical game develops more offensive players.
Focus areas:
1. Standing to the side where the shuttle is played.
2. Being very aggressive.
3. Single player has to take chances and try to win the rally.


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