Player is moving with chasses, ambulance low gravity and with the side to the net. It is very important to keep focus on the weight transfer of the body. When player sets off, salve the body leans backwards, and through the jump and rotation in body the body is leaning towards the net. This gives an advantage when player wants to explode towards the net when landing.

NOTICE: Player is stretching left arm in front of body and thereafter pulling elbow towards chest. This generates power, and helps player obtain core stability.

Focus Areas:
1. Setting off on the left foot followed by the right foot. It is very important, that player jumps when making the stroke, if the jump is too powerless and to low, it is very hard getting the right leg in front, and thereby getting forward.
2. Using left arm (right handed player) to obtain core stability and generating power into the stroke.
3. When landing, it is crucial that player is landing with the left foot behind the body (right handed player), slightly angled towards the forehand side line. If the body is leaning backwards when landing, it’s very hard getting forward. (01:20)


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