Backhand clear is a defensive that should only be used when you are unable to hit the shuttle around the head.

This video will share the backhand clear when the shuttle is taken at a defensive position. If you can to make a backhand clear at a higher position, it’s better to hit the shuttle around the head instead.

When you are about to hit a backhand clear, one should start from the centre of the court. First you should move to the backhand corner and then transfer the power you generate from the movement. Firstly through your body, through your arm and then finally to your racket.

First, you will start by changing to a backhand grip by changing your thumb either on the narrow piece or the angle between the narrow and broad piece of your grip. you should not hold your racket too tight

Start rotation your upper body and lean towards your backhand corner. After that rotate your arm, so that your racket head is parallel to the floor with your elbow pointing down.

Watch the video to learn the full and more comprehensive way of making the backhand clear shot.


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