I support Malaysia and i am satisfied with Malaysia’s semi finals appearance in the Sudirman Cup 2009. I couldn’t ask for more as the Malaysian players gave their all in China.

Maybe, Malaysia would have made the finals if not for their 2-3 lost to eventual runners up South Korea. Nonetheless i am satisfied. How about you? Are you satisfied with your country’s performance?

* More videos tomorrow. Time for bed! ^^

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  • cimuth 8 years ago

    Am I satisfied with my country performances at the Sudirman Cup 2009? Yes and No. lolz. Yes, because it’s nice to see young and new players being introduced and compete with world’s top badminton players. Although it would risk losing Sudirman Cup, in the end, there’s always Sudirman Cups or medals to win, and training young players are top priority for now, for Indonesia. On the other hand I was not really satisfied with the way INA mixed double played since Lillyana Natsir made too many mistakes, but then again I saw that she focused and tried very hard, so in the end i guess I’m happy to see that. China proved once again that they have the strongest team. Korea played very well and congrats to Malaysia for making it to semifinal. I thought LCW would beat LD!!! Argghhhh!

  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    I’m support Malaysia team too.Well,I’m satisfied with Malaysia team performance as they proceed to 1st ever semi final in Sudirman Cup.
    Malaysia female player’s have greater performance as compare to previous years. This has shorten the gap between male and female performance.
    Even though Msia team had lost to China during semi final,but they did try the best and perform an interesting matches.As an audience,I’m really enjoy the matches.With the feel of nervous,excited as well as the funny and interesting scene during men’s double match.
    Thanks to Malaysia team for their great performance !!!

  • I’m chinese so yes I’m satisfied with their performance during sudirman cup. They outdid my expectations by alot for winning every match. and LD seems to be back at his best after swiss open loss to LCW.

  • aburockzz 8 years ago

    it is the 1st time Malaysia got into semifinal. so there is something to talk about. but im not satisfied with LCW because he lost ni straght set against LD. the gap between him and LD is so obvious. Koo/Tan on the other hand were very convincing in the Semifinal. pity they didn’t win.

    all the best to Malaysian Players in coming World Championship.

  • mystic 8 years ago

    Sort of satisfied. Just that LCW would have to work harder to place himself on par with LD. He lacks the speed and explosive power that LD has, even though he has near-perfect skills (which LD also has, actually.).

    And Koo/Tan was so cool on this tournament, from the group tie with Denmark onwards.

  • I’m supporting Malaysia~ well, not really satisfy with Lcw, when he lost to Lin Dan, however, Wong Mew Choo did a great job overcoming with those matches. Aywayz~ go go go lee chong wei! and all the M’sia players!

  • Hey, I’m not very satisfied with our German team. They are pretty good at singles but they could not compete in doubles. But they attained their minimum goal.

  • Mathi 8 years ago

    I’m a malaysian and im very proud with my country’s performance…first time into the semifinal and it feels great..Go on Malaysia..And Go On CHONG WEI!!!!..