Dear badminton lovers, I am kind of surprised my badminton videos are taken of Youtube. Do you all have a good idea or recommendation for me to post my videos without being taken off or do you have any idea how i can share it all of you without it being take off as well..

It’s kind of time consuming and effort wasted if i post all my mathces in Youtube and then they delete it later. Hope to hear some ideas from you all ya? ^^





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  • there is a list of video sharing website at wiki..but i hv no idea which one is better..
    jason u try hv a look there..hehe

    • jason 9 years ago

      To min : That’s why i need your peeps help on this. At least maybe some of you have tried some good video sharing websites that won’t take out badminton from their servers? Couldn’t be trying one by one… ^^

  • did they say why the videos were taken of??

    • jason 9 years ago

      To H.Lu : No they didn’t say why. My Youtube account was deleted… Dang =(

  • hm… maybe you could try yahoo videos or google videos?

    • jason 9 years ago

      To H.Lu : I don’t think yahoo or google videos will work. =(

  • Clue?! 9 years ago

    Megaupload? I’ve watched videos there for as long as 70 min. and no problems what so ever at all

    Try those

  • Megavideo

    According to wiki, visitors can watch up to 72 minutes of video, then they have to wait another 55 minutes to watch the rest of the remainder of the video.

    Just a suggestion.


  • have you tried mediafire

  • how about
    its a chinese site, but I think you can upload videos all in one go (i.e dont have to cut it into sections)
    The only problem is you might need to know chinese to upload the videos. Otherwise viewing is very straight forward.
    If you need help, just give me an e-mail.

    I really like your videos, was quite sad when youtube took them off =(
    Hope you can find another way to upload them soon!

  • oh and another chinese site to consider

  • julien 9 years ago

    here is a good site…i dont think they will delete them on there, not as known as youtube. and generally when there is a category for porn sites seems more to allow anything.

    they deleted your account on youtube because you were showing images of a tv channel. copy righted.

  • Hey if you wanna post a video on youtube from tv…You gotta put i do not own any rights of the video .all rights go to WMG then it wont be confiscated or you can post it on veoh they dont take it off

  • Perhaps you could post you videos on Metacafe? I think its pretty good, it also means users can download the videos if they have Metacafe Pro installed on their computer. Something to think about?! Hope this helps! Great fan of your website! Skip

  • jason 9 years ago

    Thanks to all of you for those brilliant ideas. I will go through one by one. If you all still got ideas please don’t hesitate to give your ideas in ya! Really appreciate it.

    Please be patience as i am going through all the alternatives given by all you great people! ^^

    The china sites is good but will you all at America or United Kingdom have problem or slower connectivity watch videos through sites like

  • i am in canada. youku is good my speed is still up to its 31mb legacy. UPLOAD all england when it comes out asap pls thank you for uploading all this time ..GO LCW !! KILL LD

  • Yeah, i agree! Kill LD. If these two get in the final it will be great! Unlike last year when Lin Dan and Chen Jin played, this will be a contest. I was so dissapointed to hear last years final was fixed so Chen Jin could qualify for Beijing. Not very sporting!

  • Well Youku looks not bad, but in “Germany” it seams to go litte slowly. :-/ Anyway. The main think is… you´ll keep on running! I like your site verry much and recomandet to all my known Badminton-Clubs. In Germany it´s nearly impossible to watch those matches on TV! You´r my only chance!!!! 🙂 TJ

    • jason 9 years ago

      To TJ : Glad to hear you like our site. Don’t worry! A solution is coming very fast very soon. Stay tune ya! 🙂

  • JeppeK 9 years ago

    Jason, I’d love to see more matches at this site. You post like semifinals at most. I’d looove to see loads of matches, pre-elemination if you know what I mean. Quarterfinals etc etc etc. Since I’m a badmintonplayer myself I really learn things from watching those “lower” matches aswell. I would, without any doubts, enjoy it. 🙂

    Thanks for an extremly good site anyways, no doubt the best site for badmintonlovers.

  • Karel Wong 9 years ago

    I want tot mention some things. The quality of the video are often bad. May you can find a better way to deliver hd video’s. Cause I can bearly see the shuttle. Thanks

  • Myspace videos! I don’t think they care.

  • Torkil 9 years ago

    you have to remave the videofiles if they are called something with badminton – Swiss Open etc. And you can not use tags like – Lin Dan , Peter Gade, All England etc. You can use tags AFTER you have uploaded the video and it has been approved. They search for certain things regarding copyright – like Olympics, Lin Dan etc. Just my opinion and hope you can figure out how to opload without they remove it.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Torkil : Thanks for the advice. I shall try with it and see. ^^

  • Torkil 9 years ago

    To Jason : I meant to write “remove” sorry about that.