Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei Live

All badminton fans will be looking forward to another Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei battle at the Thaihot china Open 2015.

Lee Chong Wei will take on Jan O Jorgensen in the quarter finals while Lin Dan will take on Hu Yun of Hong Kong.

If both players win later today, buy cialis we will have another Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei match.

As we know, Lin Dan has always been ahead against Chong Wei in most of their matches and this is another one where we expect Lin Dan to win.

Winning or loosing is no more an issue to most fans out there I presume because both players have passed their peak as their age is really catching up really fast on them.

We hope the best for both of them today and hope for another grand battle between the two great gladiators of badminton. Stay tune!






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