Lin Dan will be making his eagerly return to the world badminton circuit at this year All England badminton championship. Many have been waiting for Super Dan to make his appearance in 2010.

The reason for Lin Dan not playing in the first 2 legs of the Super Series which was won by Lee Chong Wei was he wasn’t ready and tired after a long year in 2009.

Lin Dan was the most consistent player in 2009 winning 37 out of the 39 matches he played. That is a whooping 94.87% winning rate for the Chinese badminton star.

Can Lee Chong Wei stop the awaken dragon from China?

Olympic and world badminton champion Lin Dan will make his first appearance of the season at the All-England in Birmingham next month.

The Chinese superstar took a prolonged break after complaining of exhaustion and skipped this season’s first two Super Series Open tournaments in South Korea and Malaysia.

But the 26-year-old said that he was fighting fit for the defence of the All-England title.

“I was not physically ready for the past two international events,” he told the China Daily.

“I was really tired after a busy 2009. After a period of break, I feel much better. It’s the start of the year and a very important event for me.”

Lin Dan was almost unbeatable in international competitions last year, playing 39 matches and losing only twice. But he plans to reduce the number of tournaments he plays in this year.

“As a young player, you have to play as many matches as possible in order to gain experience,” he said.

“As a veteran you should choose high-quality competition as the best way to stay healthy and remain in peak competitive form.


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  • David 8 years ago

    Well, I can understand his logic, but if I am not wrong, he played only 8 tournaments in 2009. Is that a “busy 2009”?

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    8 tournaments is not alot to play in one year if you lose alot before the 3rd round but if you go deep into many of those tournaments like Lin Dan seems to often do, then that's alot of badminton for any player. Lin Dan consistantly make it to the semis and finals in alot of the tournaments he plays in the recent years so his work in 8 tournies is much like the average players 16 or even 24 tournies. Not only that but the further you go into the tournament the harder and grueling the matches become. It makes sense to say that this would take a big physical and mental toll on any player.

  • I hope LCW can beat LD in All England..
    Keep it up LCW…
    I'm sure u can…

  • Mercure 8 years ago

    Oh no, I think Lin Dan won't be beaten by LCW during a few years!

  • Studx 8 years ago

    lin dan is just full of bullocks. LCW will make mashed potatoes of him.

  • lennie 8 years ago

    very intresting point “mal-NAF” ist talking about.
    as it catched my interest, i tried to figure it out a bit more:
    in fact lin dan lost least of all matches and therefor had the toughest tournaments.
    but … in 2009 he played 44 matches (i've come to a different result – check “”) while lee chong wei played a total of 64 matches (39 SS matches+5 at the SSFinals/each 6 at the macau GPGold and the malaysia GPG/each 4 at WCC and sudirmancup).
    LD won 5 tournaments(WCC and 4 SS titles) and 2 team competitions, LCW won 7 tournaments(4 SS titles/2 GPG titles/SSFinals title)
    so make your own minds up who has worked more, who has achieved more and who is the “stronger” player.

    @jason: thanx for posting all these news and wonderful matches.

  • what a record of lin dan cause that is super dan

  • sin #69 8 years ago

    Hahaahahaha. To BE the champion you have to BEAT the champion. To HAVE the championship belt you have to WIN the championship. As good as LCW is , as many tournaments as he wins in year, the fact is it dont mean much unless he can beat the champion in a big championship…a task easier said then then done. Everyone here knows LD has won 4 AE, 3 consecutive Worlds, and an olympic gold. Does anyone in the world remember who won the Macau open in 1997? Dont think so. There is a big difference between winning the “Macau open” and winning the All England. A big big ..BIG difference.

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Lennie, you make an interesting point too. BUT I never said Lin Dan lost least matches of any player and I NEVER compared his 2009 record with LCW. It was a comparison between him and most players.That being said, now that you bring up LCW let me ask you how many major tournaments LCW has won in 2009? How many worlds and AE has LCW won in 2009? It's pretty obvious…0. And since you pull up stats let me give you another stat.. Lin Dan has won 7 major titles along with an olympic gold. LCW is still trying to win his FIRST. As much as I like and respect LCW he's got alot of catching up to do before he can match and top LD…and I mean ALOT. Even Gade and old Hashim has an AE. And for any of you who think that major tournaments are just ” media hyped” events ask yourself why the World Cup of football is their biggest event and why ALL football players in god's green earth dream of winning it. Everybody remembers a World Champion…nobody remembers a local state champion in the province of so and so in the district of so and so.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Thanks lennie, great reserach as I was about to compile this stat myself. LD lost just 2, 1 to LCW and the other to Choi HJ. LCW lost about 7 (to LD 3 times, Sony 1, NTM 1, CL 1, Simon S 1) These two are your twin peaks of badminton at the moment.

  • adrian 8 years ago

    i agree with mal-NAF on that. lee chong wei is the number 1 on a piece of paper, and sure he has stepped up his game since his loss against lin in the olympics, but he still hasnt proven to any of us that he handle himself well in a big tourny like the all england or the world championships *and when i mean handle himself, i mean win it all together*. its going to be an interesting year and hopefully he makes it far, but the reality is he probably wont beat lin dan because he will be playing a well rested lin dan in a major tournament, while he will still be suffering from the fatigue of playing so many super series tournaments.

  • There's the saying where we are all allowed to speak our minds truthfully, but seriously you guys need to be a little more diplomatic and more tactful.

    I'm personally a LD fan but I like LCW as well. Both are very respectable players in their own right. LD has Jason's quoted ~95% win rate and I'm sure LCW has a lower win % but he's played in far more matches as a poster mentioned above. If you play more matches, you have a higher chance of losing more – to most of you that's obvious but then, how can we draw such a comparison about consistency? Is a player consistent if they have 2 wins out of 2 matches? Is he *the* most consistent player on the tour? There can be essays and essays of it. I think it's better to avoid those essays.

    LCW and LD deserve the respect of all badminton fans out there. No need to bash either of them or try to say which is “stronger”. If badminton was ever a game about black/white or (insert player name) > (insert player name) then it wouldn't be much of a sport.

  • We can only wait and see, I really believe LCW has the potential to win against LD in a big tourney and that now, hopefully, he will also have the confidence to go with it.

  • Mario 8 years ago

    Lee Chong Wei will not win Lin Dan
    Lin Dan is the best player ever

  • exalted 8 years ago

    ughhh i cannot wait, All England starts in March?! another month of waitinggggg huh T___T

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Anon, I dont think anyone here is or was bashing either Lin Dan or LCW. As you've commented, a player who plays more has a higher ratio of losing matches. That is true, to a certain extent. I cannot say why LCW plays the number of tournaments he does but never the less that is his or BAM's decision. If LCW does not do well in a big tournament because of fatigue from playing so many other tournaments, well that is nobodys fault but his and or BAM's. On the other hand if a player chooses only to play just the major tournaments it certainly does not garantee that they will win them either. It takes a very special palyer on a special perfromance to win the big tournament. Even if every player chose to copy and play the same amount of tournaments as Lin Dan, it does NOT necessarily garantee success. If only it were that easy. So my point is, numbers dont mean anything, big titles do. A player can join a massive amount of tournaments or a few but what counts is if they can win when it matters the most*. It's not a stretch to say that Lin would probably retire after the next olympics, whether he wins it or not. Will LCW ever win a big title? I would not be surprised if he did someday. A football player can have a 99% win ratio but in the end the only thing that matters in football success is the world cup. Conversely a football player can lose most matches in his life but what matters is if he won the world cup or not. What matters in hockey is the Stanley cup. What matters n tennis are the 4 grandslams and arguably more, the Wimbledon. LCW plays alot of tournaments but does anyone here think that Lin has not played a ton of tournaments in his career? Its pretty obvious Lin Dan's career it hasnt been a piece of cake for him either. Here is a man who's had to compete and succeed against the very best in modern badminton, Taufik, Gade, LCW, Sony,Boonsak, his countrymen and amongst other world class players. Malaysia is very very VERY lucky they have LCW right now..because if he wasnt around, Malaysian singles badminton would be pretty dismal…or as Jason may put it..Hashimal.

  • murfice 8 years ago

    i got a little bit of comments about these 2 players, LCW and LD. They both are the greatest players that i ever see. Well, i might not study and do so much research as you guys. What i trying to comment is based on the videos and tournaments that i ever watched in this site and other sources.

    Lin Dan and LCW both has different personalities and style of playing. LD is the person that only participate the tournament that he feels worthwhile to play especially that he thinks that he is 100% prepared to win it (Full of confidence). However, LCW is a very hard working badminton player. He almost plays every of the SS and major tournament regardless of the winning chance. As everyone here knows that he is one of the fittest athelete, he trained like a machine.

    Both are the legend of the badminton world, LD has the 3 consecutive WC title that nobody does. LCW doesn't has many BIG titles but he won LD in Malaysia Open in 2006 (or 2008, cant remember) by 13-20 (where 7 match points leading by LD) and LCW caught up and won that match. For me, LCW made an unbelivable record in SS. Don forget, his opponent was LD not ah beng or ah lian.

    I donno there were how many matches that LCW & LD face to face, but sadly LCW winning LD matches were way too few. Undeniable, LD is a better skilled player than LCW according to their face to face matches. Just like the Schumi in the F1 world, undefeatable.

    It's all about my personal opinion, no bias on any of the player. I am a badminton player and coach, for me the both LCW and LD are Awesome badminton players. Sometimes result is the history of glorious, but what is important for me are the process. I watched some videos about both players training, and interviews. They both trained like machine, always push to their limit. But what i feel respect is China has a proper environroment for their national sport atheletes, the chinese are trained like army, emphasize on disciplline which malaysia is a bit flexible on discipline towards their national athelete.

    not sure whether is it make sense for you guys. Lastly, it still my personal 2 cent of comments.

  • BanhVanTau 8 years ago

    Their last face-to-face says it all. The olympic gold medal match was total domination by LD. There's still a gap between the 2.

  • David 8 years ago

    What many don't realise is that without a performing LCW, world badminton would be much more boring, Lin Dan crusing without contest of any kind. At least with LCW there is the shadow of doubt, as we know he has the potential. So We should be happy they are both there, they together makes the game better.

  • David 8 years ago

    We should realise that without LCW, world badminton would be less good, as Lin Dan would be so unchallenged. At least with LCW there is some doubt, as he has the potential. So the game is much better for the two of them being there. They together makes it better, not one of them alone.

  • fluffy89 8 years ago

    In my opinion, LD or LCW, they are exceptionally gifted players. However, you don't need to beat the world champion to be a champion. Both of them have their own styles of playing. What makes a player a legend is how he can win titles on the biggest stage. So what if LD record over LCW is sky high? You look at the tourament that LCW has join and win so far compare to LD. Yes, all england championship is far more prestigous compared to “Macau” Open. However, “Macau” Open is still an grand prix which consist of top players in it?
    All this fighting over who is the better player, in my opinion, both are the world's best badminton player for now.

  • dal007 8 years ago

    What point you want to make? From the videos posted, I am not convinced they are equal. I saw there is gap between them.

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    What some fail to understand about ” prestigous ” big tournaments is that athletes not only train harder for them, they hold them more of value. Why do you think so many athletes cheat with doping during the Olympics? They want to win it really really bad. Having said that, when you play against an opponent in the ” Macau Open” it is ALOT different then playing against them at the World's…and it's not easier, that's for sure. Also its a fact that not all the best players compete in the smaller tournaments, electing to save themselves to train for the bigger ones. When it comes to the big tournaments, EVERYBODY WHO IS ANYBODY is there. Because these tourny's have so much prestige and clout for any one who wins them not just for themselves but their country. These athletes give all they have to win it. Yes, technically all tournaments are the same but in reality not all are equal. Just like not all players are equal. I also dont want to leave out other superb players like Gade, who gave Lin Dan the best challenge from any other player in the last Olympics. Had Lin not been there, it's not a stretch to say that Gade played well enough to deserve the gold. Here is a man [Gade] who has been a constant beacon of light for European badminton for many years when badminton is generally dominated by Eastern countries. He's won numerous tourny's along with an AE, been #1 for a long stretch and has beaten all the top 10 players in the world at one time or another. Though he is now in the twilight of his career he will go down as one of the greats. So my hat's off to Peter Gade.

  • HUNTER 8 years ago

    Fluffy89 wrote ” you DONT need to beat the world champion to be a champion.”
    ARE YOU SERIOUS, BROTHER? I geuss a boxer doesnt have to beat Ali to say he beat Ali. A tennis player doesnt have to beat Federer to say he beat Federer. A badminton player doesnt have to win the World's to say he is the World Champion. I dont understand why some people here on this site are so sensitive and so full of egalitarianism. There is no such thing as equality on this earth. Some women are more beautiful, some men are more stronger then others, some more smarter.This is no different in the athletic world.There are great players, mediocre players and rotten players. If Big Championships are not a measure of the better athlete then why bother having tournaments? Why do we have exams in school? Why do we even have competition? Pretty soon the if the world is over run by egalitarianists society will have a new twisted motto…that is, everbody is equal, there are no winners, there are no losers, everyone is right, no one is wrong, and everyone is beautiful. Look at your own art and music industry, it has gone that way already. Most people dont even know what great art is anymore and the ones that DONT know are the ones buying and selling and making art right now . Do you want sports to go that way too?

  • David 8 years ago

    I understand your point, tournaments are there for winners and ranking. But there is something more important, that is the game itself. Many champions think they are better then the game, like Armstrong on bike, but that is foolish, the champions serve the game, not the opposite. That is why so many people like Gade (myself included), as we can feel the love he has for the game. That is why style is important, not only resutlts (though without some results, style is means little). LCW's style has certainly some appeal, even if I would like him to attack more.
    This being said, I have noticed in Lin Dan – LCW 2009 confrontions that when the ralleys get long (30 to 50 shots), Lin Dan makes mistakes. But of course it is not easy to play long against him, all the shots have to be perfect.

  • David 8 years ago

    I am sory, my last comment was a reply to Hunter, not mal-NAF

  • HUNTER 8 years ago

    The discussions here were referring to professional badminton players and as such, in professional competition, winning is not's the Only thing. I dont have a problem with people's “love” for the game and it's no secret that some pro athletes think they are bigger then the sport but style aside badminton is a “competitive sport.” It is NOT a beauty contest. It is NOT fashion files. Gade as much as i admire him is not the only player who loves the game or who has a personal style. Do you think for one second Gade's game was not designed for winning? Does anyone here think Gade has no power or speed or deception? All the best players have those qaulities..not for “stlye” but for effectiveness. For use in a game, where function and winning are second to none. We are not talking about backyard badminton with nets tied to the trees here. Style comes from one's research of effective function. Style for the sake of style is useless. A lumberjack has a particular style of swinging his axe for the sake of maximizing effective tree cutting capabilities, not to look pretty. A pro athlete builds their style to help them reach their potential so they can win in competition..same thing.I have no doubt that Gade is a great player and has love for the game. As for Lin Dan making mistakes in long rallies thats probably true as well. Lin plays at such an enormous pace, I would cough blood playing against him on the first 4 points…if I can even make it that far.But joke aside, dont think Lin Dan has no style or does not love the game. You have to have something special that drives you to win all those tournaments.

  • David 8 years ago

    I agree with you, style for style means nothing. I am not refering to some sort of “beauty”, but as you say, the particular way each player tries to be effective. Because of personal history, training method, physical charcacterists and mental attitude, they develop different ways, and that is what we can call style. It is also the creativity of the player on court, and his experience. So many aspects… I like Hidayat creativity, the way he surprises me (an the opponent), but his sometimes lack of involvment annoys me. Ponsana's style I also like, because he tries to put variation on the game, but of course he is not among the top of the hat players. I guess you see my points, its no only about n.1, its about having great art and show.
    By the way, Lin Dan is of course a player of great style. But one aspect of the interest of his confrontations with LCW, is that they are so different.

  • HUNTER 8 years ago

    Well you cant avoid style just like you cant avoid form in art. Humans are different from one another and even the simple act of walking is different from on person to the next. As for style in a badminton player it of course plays a part of a players success but how much of that is style is undetermined. Alot of factors come into play, including, fitness, talent and training and of course, fate or chance. But style is not as crucial in world badminton I think because these players are all good enough to adjust and modify their game during a game. They have enough control to do things we can only dream of doing. what seperates the top from the top is probably consistantcy and factor X. As for Taufiks lack of involvement that doesnt that could mean many things. Maybe he is tired or his opponent can adjust and he has no answers to it on that day. No player cant keep smashing the shuttle forever without getting tired. Even backhanded drives are tiring for pros. If you put two players on the court and go by what's on the paper you would know who would win..but sports and life is not so easy to determine. On the court the players can adjust and change their game, some have more will, some get nervous, some undertrain and a few have the ” intangable element”, what I call factor X.

  • murfice 8 years ago

    haha…you guys are funny. keep arguing who is the world champion. But there are points from you guys. When you think of LD, you will think of LCW. Which mean they two are the best players in the badminton world now. Will you mention LD then suddenly comes up with Simon Santoso or Hafiz? You would not…because they're the best players now.

    In sport world, the medal or trophy is important for the atheletes because that's their goal. Other than that, the process of achieving the goal are important too. It involves such as attitude, sportmanship, training, personality build up, physically building and etc. We also have to learn this valuable things from the atheletes. And of course, the world champion always the best model to be learn from.

    It's a never ending topic if keep debating about the world champion and which tournament is pretisgious or glorious. Since we all born with a different brain and grow up in different cultures and thinking. So that's the thing to make everyone of us unique. Differences make us unique, equal makes the same. What do u think?

  • clear 3 8 years ago

    It's really not much of a debate when it comes to which tournaments are prestigous considering that so many countries send their best players to these tournaments. That is the ultimate answer to all the debate as far as Iam concerned. If these tournaments are not considered prestigous then why do the badminton countries keep sending their best players there, right? The debate came up because “someone” disputed and questioned the “notion” of a big tournament. I thought it was a non issue but I geuss there always has to be that ONE person who thinks red isnt red, and the earth isnt round and snot doesnt come from your nose.

  • David 8 years ago

    We can also consider that from the players' point of view, some tournament have a bigger financial impact, as the sponsors would want their players to perform well at the big events like the WC, where the media coverage is greater. More matches on tv, reports on the news, etc. I suppose that the way a player performs at those time influence the contract he has with the companies.

  • clear 3 8 years ago

    Well whatever the case , whether its financial, polititcal, or for fame these big tournaments have existed since the beginning of sports. I geuss if some athletes are not able to win these events they and their fans may start to discount them as a reaction to their own failure. And certainly these big events dont make athletes less popular and ;ess wealthy should they win them…hence the notion of “big tournaments” . I dont know how much more simple it can get but I geuss for some the earth is still flat.

  • kelvin_T_T 8 years ago

    By the way,i got something to add on.Lin Dan lose out 3 matches in fact in 2009.One to LCW in swiss open,one is in Indonesia Open to Chen Jin and the last one is Choi Ho Jin in East Asia games.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Yeah mate, you are right, I forgot the Chen Jin one in Indon SS. Thanks.

  • ocars 4 the stupid 8 years ago


  • kimchua 8 years ago


  • Tien Pei 8 years ago

    I am better than lee chong wei and lin dan put together!

  • Tien Pei 8 years ago

    I am better than lee chong wei and lin dan put together!

  • ocars for the stupid 8 years ago


  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Yes mal-NAF my oscar for the stupid and can't you read? O.S.C.A.R for bad acting too goes to you in behind the mask

  • leonlimthelion 8 years ago

    When is the All England?

  • Can't wait to see LCW and LD battle eachother.. all I want is a good match with great badminton. No matter who wins if they both give their all no1 can dispute the fact that they are both world class players.

    I can't wait for the AE to start..

  • ocars or mal-NAF? 8 years ago

    Kim, if you think i'm mal NAF then you must get your source from Jason. If you get your source from jason it's just a sign of what a sneaky little rat you are behind the scenes here. and if that's true..most likely, because i recall reading on one thread after you got into a tizzy with people here over your foul langauge and how you wanted to ask[ beg] jason to take your comments off this page cause it doesnt reflect who you are.” Jason, this is kim, please take off all my foul langauge here so i dont look bad to everyone…please ..pretty please!” LOL. Do you even read the crap you write? you obviously cant, cause you got more then just a reading comprehension problem. so what are you doing now amigo? You asking jason who is so and so and where their email adress is? ” please jason, tell me who this person is and where hes from because iam mad at him!” LOL.You are a joker and a child at that and everyone here would know just from reading the the comments you shit out.LOL

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    I don't get it from Jason, all imposters will be caught out. From my PC, it clearly shows you are the culprit. One needs not be a rocket scientist. When you start throwing insult, it always goes back to you. Why get so upset? Good night Sir.

  • If you're going to be insulting someone please be consistent and do it under one account. You're hiding behind your account either way, so why change your name just to insult someone?

    This is a badminton site.. not a rant site. Talk about badminton please.

    I think badminton gets taken way too personal sometimes.. either that or alot of frustrated people visit this site looking for a fight. I see no other reason why you would pick a fight on this site.

  • Matty loves Kimchi 8 years ago

    Youre right're an idiot. A kimchi kiss-ass idiot. Hahahahhahahahahaha! Please reply so can insult you two more, I know you will.Hahahhaahahhahahahahaha!!!! Do you like the top or bottom when you make love to kimchi, Matty? We all want to know!Hahahahhaha

  • I remain respectful at all times.. which is more than I can say is coming from your side. If you're “above this” than I'm sure you wouldn't lower yourself to petty insults.. oh wait you just did.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Mal-naf, we needs guys like you here. Your badminton knowledge, analysis of a match, player is above average. Remember when you said its not how many tourneys LD played, since he won most of them he must be playing more than most. Good point, great point.

    Sometimes, we may have difference in opinion but that's life, even the Idol judges, husbands and wives, politicians in the same party are bickering too.

    In the cyber world when this happens, one tends to get nasty very quickly but for one moment, I don't believe you are a nasty person. We also like to think the other side (your thoughts of me as) as “losers”, “childish” or “knows next to nothing” , “40 y.o. virgin” etc but deep down inside, you are one helluva decent bloke. Let's stick to badminton, buddy, and I think LD will not win this year's AE (9-14 March), what do you think?. My observation is, when his gf, XXF, retired, I saw his eyes, he wasn't as hungry as before. His body language these days etc. However, there are plenty of good Chinese psychologists who may psyche him up.

    AE is 100th this year.

  • Barney 8 years ago

    I love you, you love me, were a happy family.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Yeah, why not? Badminton is a beautiful sport, the fastest racket sport. Good day, mal-NAF.

  • kimchi does matty 8 years ago

    You two lovers are no fun, pooh! Taking badminton way too seriously..tsk tsk tsk. I make fun of kimchi and his wife comes in on cue. Hahahahahaa. I hear wedding bells! LOL dum dum dee dum…dum dum dee dum…LOL

  • I personally wouldn't mind LD winning.. BUT he has to earn it playing good badminton against strong oponents. A victory doesn't mean much if he didn't have to really fight for it. It's the journey that's 100x more important than the end result.

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Matty, Lin Dan earn his wins? Hahahahahaa! Dude, when you play and beat someone who also made it to the finals you have more then earned it, regardless of who it is. And if Lin Dan doesnt have to put up much of a fight in the finals you can blame his opponents for being a lame duck, not him. Dont hate the winner Matty, hate the gaaaaammmmmmeeeeeeeee.

  • Well yes maybe I phrased it wrong.. he would earn it either way if he won. But the sport and the tournament in general would suffer if there's not any excitement in the game.

    I think we both agree that we'd like to see a close match rather than 1 dominating party.

  • i think this is the longest comments of a topic ever.