Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng of China got back together after spliting up a few months back to improve the quality of their junior counter parts by making to the All England 2009 Men Doubles finals.

Their opponents from Korea a new pairing of Hwang Ji Man & Han Sang Hoon will be no pushovers in this match. An exciting match on the cards as a fast and explosive match will be on show.

Enjoy the match of the All England 2009 Men Doubles finals…

Part I

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Part II

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  • Wow china won all freaking titles ….bloody training camp

  • leomer 9 years ago

    i agree nick! it’s absolutely a breeding camp of feisty badminton players.

  • Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng FTW!!! woohooo!!

  • for some reason, i can’t watch the whole clip..anyone has the same problem?

  • wasedaxiao 9 years ago

    ya, i also can’t watch the full clip. maybe the problem occurred when converting the video.

  • wasedaxiao 9 years ago

    now i can watch full game.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To wasedaxiao : Most likely is your internet connection. Sometime i can’t even load the match at all. ^^ Enjoy… More matches to come!

  • Karel 9 years ago

    I think its very good that each game is divided cut in one piece. So for me less clicking to watch a full match…

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Karel : I’ll try but no promises cause got some technical issues on my computer. ^^

  • Great…. Thanks for setting this up 🙂 I like this site so much, so as my friends….

    • jason 9 years ago

      To Josh : Thanks for the compliments. Where are you from? I am working on something bigger then this site now. Give me some time and i will reveal it soon! ^^

  • Karel 9 years ago

    Thank you jason. You are so friendly, thanks 😉

  • Oh my, FU HAI FUNG’s smash has become even stronger with exceptional net play! that’s a hxll of a training camp. *Oh and thanks for the videos~ appreciated your effort 😀

  • yeah!! cai yun & fu haifeng is the best..!

  • Harry 9 years ago

    great blog. Thank you very much. Really appreciate your efforts.

  • chinese guys are handsome

    • jason 8 years ago

      To bozo : I am also handsome. Don’t believe ask Nat! ^^