Lee Chong Wei made it to the finals after defeating Peter Gade while Kenichi Tago defeated Bao Chunlai in the other semi finals.

Chong Wei who is known for not doing well in major tournament will be looking forward to bury that ghost behind his shoulder which is to lift a major title. With Lin Dan out of the way, Chong Wei will be the hot favorite to win this one.

This time the pressure will be on Chong Wei yet again. Chong Wei is known to crumble under pressure. Can the Japanese youngster take advantage on Chong Wei’s weakness and upset the world number 1?

The whole badminton world is watching. Enjoy this match.

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Set I

Set II

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  • Barry G. 8 years ago

    At last, he did it…

  • Hiciao 8 years ago

    yes, he did it, but should not have been with such an bad call…

  • sai yee 8 years ago

    malaysian is the best..

  • Aaron 8 years ago

    wrong judge at last point..haha..Gambateh, LCW in coming Thomas Cup…

  • fated to win

  • Hendy 8 years ago

    LCW was destined to win, in first set, LCW did a dropshot that hit the net before landing in. Second set it was a missed call made by Line Judge in favour of LCW.
    KC is a player to watch in the future.

  • Tago got robbed on the last point.

  • steve 8 years ago

    dude last point, its OUT!

  • steve 8 years ago

    man i feel so bad for tago…i would get so pissed

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    One big win for LCW, a huge victory for 28 million Malaysia, 1Malaysia.

  • jamesbadders 8 years ago

    whats with the myvideorights i cant watch some of them because of my country…

  • Hassan_Azad 8 years ago

    what wonderfull match tago played very keep it up. at last lee chong wei win . the line judge made a very very big mistake . tago is a very talented player and in future he will be the world n0 1 . thanks for uploading this fantastic match

  • tago got robbed

  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    Very nice match even if there was that final point wrong call… A third game would have been nice…

    I was impressed by Tago's performance. To be able to make it to the final after beating Nguyen Tien Minh, Chen Jin and Bao Chun Lai 🙂 Hope to see him more often.

    Mode “Dream” ON: If only Taufik could become the coach of Tago…Mode “Dream” OFF 😀

    Thank you very much for your hard work, Jason

  • BanhVanTau 8 years ago

    Video replays should be introduced in badminton at int'l level. With rules similar than in tennis. What a shame for the All England Tournament. What a poor way to end a wonderful match. Tago was very impressive. Definitely a player to watch in the future. So commanding at the net. So in control. He was ahead of the play most of the time. LCW was good as usual. This is his turn to win. Last points of the 2 sets are gifts from above. Great match.

  • rockcliffe 8 years ago

    That is a lousy way to win! Things could have turned around for Kenichi if he had won that match…

  • Too bad… LCW just lucky…

  • Too bad… LCW just lucky only

  • dohoangnam 8 years ago

    Chong Wei is no1! Lee – Champion forever!

  • Lucky win for LCW, but this a part of game and it happened many times and will happen untill we have referal system.
    Nothing to take away from both players….but
    I like the fighting spirit of TAGO, his aggression….and I'm sure if he continues to play like this he will be future of badminton and a player to watch considering the fact that he is only 20.

  • the japanese player's gonna be a real threat for the top ten-er in the future.

  • le dinh hung 8 years ago

    phai danh lai tran trung ket

  • le dinh hung 8 years ago

    play again final man single 2010

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Would have been a great match had Tago not played like kimmy wanking himself. “Too much jerky movements and not enough finish” hahahahahahahhaa

  • derek 8 years ago

    happy for chong wei but i really dont like the win in such a way… i was hoping at least the feather touch the line but it didn't!! =.=

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Not taking anything away from tago but if LCW has this much trouble against a relatively uknown player hes' gonna be in serious trouble when the rest of the top ten come to form. there will be no more easy rides into the semis and finals for lcw anymore.

  • Barry G. 8 years ago

    ya…but he also got some bad calls too, at the end of the day…I think the better player won..

  • jamesbadders 8 years ago


  • Both played well…but isnt the last game considered out? The shuttle didnt even touch the line.

  • cambruc 8 years ago

    LCW just lucky only…

  • Codename_Nemesis 8 years ago

    Tago got robbed on the last point,
    What a bad call,if this not happen
    the game should be continue to 3 set
    and what a wonderful match it will be
    anyway my hat to 20 years Tago,
    keep surprising us ……………..
    and as a malaysian
    congratz to Datuk Lee Chong Wei

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Few months ago, many people on this site where whining and crying about how it's boring to see lin dan win all the time and that he's got no competition. so now they got their wish, lcw vs tago..and how was it? Booorrrrrrrinnnngggggg. Admit it, no disrespect to Tago, but we all knew he wasnt going to win. If lcw lost this one, he wouldnt have been able to fly home after, he would have been disowned by his own nation. to sum it up, lin threw the match to bao or just didnt care, chen jin cant step up to the mark, bao choked against tago, probably cause he knew tago isnt gonna throw this match.and what can i say, Tago got on an incredible run and played the tourny of his career so far, but he wasnt going to beat lcw in the end. Even bao or chen jin had a better chance in the finals had they not choked. this was a gift to lcw by the badminton gods for all the other disappointments. This final game was as predictable as little kimmy telling ppl here how much of a badminton god he thinks he is.LOL.

  • derek 8 years ago

    i wonder how will lin dan react if he's in tago's position.. hahaha..

  • cumbruc 8 years ago

    LCW just lucky only,,,never been big player

  • Cedrick 8 years ago

    I have to disagree with you my friend. If you think this match was “predictable” & Tago had no chance of winning against LCW, then you must've looked only at the scores…not the match itself. But I have to say, it's really hard to tell who's gonna win if the match went on to a 3rd game. Kudos to both of them, they were really great! BIGGER KUDOS to Jason!!! Thanks for providing us such wonderful videos. Do you have the video for men's doubles final? That'd really be another interesting match to see 😀

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Cedrick my friend, did you honestly think that Tago was going to beat lcw in his first AE finals? Did you really? Tago played above his head the entire tournament, and even in the match with lcw. Yes it was close but he didnt win. That's what happens in sports, there's a cinderella team who plays well to get to the finals but loses in the end. tago, no offense to his fans, was the cinderella and the magic unfortunately for him, wore off. He didnt even have luck on the last point, which was out.And yes, i watched the whole match and not the scores. It didnt matter if this match was a blow out or 27-all, Tago wasnt gonna win this one.especially since lcw chocked so many other finals away and especially when lcw knew that with lin dan out, this was now or never for him. You really think that lcw would rather have lin dan in the finals instead of Tago? would you rather play lin dan or tago in a finals? this was lcw's to lose and since lin dan wasnt in the finlas it was like just a lottery win for him. yeah, im sure lcw was saying to himself” gee, id rather be playing against lin now instead of tago.” Hahahahahahahahahahahaha..sure.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Oh, cedrick i hope youre not a betting man cause if you seriously thought that tago had a chance to win going into the finals against lcw, you would have lost everything. even for people who depise lcw knew that tago wasnt gonna win. tago on his first big finals in for japan, and it was a million years since another japanese player made it this far, everyone knew he didnt have the experiance to pull it all off. everyone loves the underdgo but the underdog winning is the exception, not the rule.tago has now got his “experiance” from this match and he will do better if or when he gets into another finals.as for lcw i cant wait to see how he does in the rest of the year when every player will try to take him apart.LOL This match was predictable given the circumstances leading up to it, with all the top 3 chinese players out of the tournament, the final was a lotty win for lcw. im not a betting man but had i bet with the local bookie ..i would have done very well. LOL

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Nomad talked shit again as always. Let's give him a racket. Why only two insults, you quit your g'vt job? How about all your aliases, aren't they (you) joining you?

  • Nomad 8 years ago

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    ps. you should find yourself a woman that has short hair, that way she will compliment your long haired sissy look.

  • linejudge 8 years ago

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  • Nomad 8 years ago

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    Good night kimmy, sleep tight, dont let lcw bite.

  • unknown 8 years ago

    lee can be champion for now. but not forever. he will grow old 1 day. how can it be forever dude

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    A creative writer only needs to write once, you don't have two chances in life. Write something factual in a succuint manner. We can't be right all the time. I guess you nomad won't have a clue. In far east, they call guys like you No. 1 Kia-su. Stop thinking everyone reads all your postings if it is more than 5 lines long.

  • AirRay 8 years ago

    these videos can't be viewed by UK viewers, can this be changed as I really wanna watch the match

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Tsk tsk tsk kimmy, such anger, and no sense of humour too. Is your bra on too tight? I'd love to write just 5 lines kimmy kangaroo dung but it's obvious that your as dense as a board. We also have a saying for people like you here. It's sae bak paw…with long hair, such as yourself. It's amazing how you feel insulted even if i wasnt refering to you. but hey, we all know your not a narcissistic egodork. I thought it was hot in aussieland, so why do you still have that long greasy hair of yours? Isnt it bad enough that you sound like such a woman here, now you also look like one as well? Oh, well, that's ok kimmy, i guess your too busy working in your biscuit factory to cut your hair. go ahead and reply to me kimmy..iknow you want to…its ok..let it out, tell us all your feelings, share with us…like a woman.

  • damonplus 8 years ago

    Well, in the All England one half of the players had problems with LCW and the other half had problems with Tago with LCW as the final overall winner. The player with the least trouble would logically be LCW who has still not been beaten in 2010.

  • damonplus 8 years ago

    Nomad: It's easy to retrospectively report how 'predictable' a match was. I'm not sure that people in general think it's 'boring' when Lin Dan wins, neither seemed the Tago vs LCW match to be a 'boring' event. These are just personal opinions of yours. The rest are just empty speculations. They could be partially right but also completely wrong, that means not very interesting to read. I'm sad to point it out since it looks as you do know stuff about pro badminton. My advice to you would be to try not getting carried away by partisan instincts. This said with respect.

  • damonplus 8 years ago

    Hmm. Another comment of yours that asks for a reply. You are using lots of 'hahahaha' which make you look as you feel superior to others. Maybe you are? Anyway, surely Tago wasn't the favourite in these finals, largely due to his lack of experience but in any case matches have to be played before the results can be announced. Who thought that Bao would lose against Tago anyway? At that level? You seem to be a very confident betting man who never risks any money… In any case you can't take away that LCW came out as the strongest in the All England: he won against all his opponents. But it's up to anyone who wish to spin on ideas that he didn't beat X or Y or whatever. Endless empty speculations again…

  • Terry 8 years ago

    All i could say is that you dont get 421km/hr smash speed with the arcsaber z in competition, even though Yonex states clearly that a new dimension of speed has been created 😀
    but on a serious note, i really believe that Lee Chong Wei should win this since Lin Dan was knocked out of the tournment. However Kenichi Tago did a great job of going all out and trying to defeat world's number one player

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Ok let me just say that i'm not Terry in before kimmy dorkstick comes on to say that iam. Hahahahahahaha

  • Hassan_Azad 8 years ago

    when will u upload other matches e.g lin dan vs boa chunlai and swiz open 2010 plz upload it as soon as posible thanks

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Well, damonplus, i like to use hahahahahaha alot because it means iam laughing. do you know what laughing is? try looking it up in a dictionary sometime. do you know what a dictionary is? Hahahahahahaa! oh there i go again..laughing. But to you its something else, isnt it? You sure youre not kimmy kangaroo or cedrick ? Trying to put words into my mouth for me? Your lcw had an easy finals, face the facts. Tago isnt even ranked top 10. this means that lcw was the favorite to win..and he did against tago. do you what the “odds” means? Hahahahahahahaahaha.there i go again laughing. oh ..and if you dont like speculations then why are you on this page? If you want the truth theres an easy way to get it. Just go on top of the highest bridge in malaysia and jump off. that way when you die then youll meat god and youll have the whole truth. So why then go on this page if you dont like” speculation and oppinions damonplus? hahahahhhahahhahahaahaha! oh ..there i go laughing again.LOL

  • clifford 8 years ago

    i saw that match that night.kc was so great but unfortunately he lose to the world no1 player,lcw was so good of his smash and defend,but luck go to malaysian at last,especially the final point.for my opinion the call was definitely on the line.sorry to the japanese kid and hooray to all malaysian badminton fans.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    how can you say that shuttle was in dude when clearly the cork of the bird is about 2 inches from the back line? you can clearly see the seperation between the cork and the back edge of the line.you can see the green of the court between the cork and the white of the back line. It goes by the cork of the bird, not its feathers. You should pause the video on impact of the bird, and then if you have to take a ruler and measure the gap btween the cork of the bird and the line.the camera dont lie.

  • Blazer12 8 years ago

    My god, this guy is all over the page, does he ever shut up?

  • Why dont you shut up instead of telling ppl who have a point of view to shut up?

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Nomad, KOF, this badminton site is a lot better without two little shits like you, actually, one. Its all nomad and his “IQ below 99” morons.

  • kming 8 years ago

    THanks jason. i really enjoyed it 🙂 I'm happy that Lee chong wei did it at least.

    but, like in other match of this all england, I think that it's time to introduce the “hawk eye” like in tennis.
    Something like: a player cans use it one time for game or something like that.

    Imagine you had that for this match, tago could win the second game and who knows how it would have finished.

  • not a million years…FYI it's only 44 years…i…t!!!!

  • Alrizz_forever 7 years ago

    why do creatures like this nomad still exist in this world??haisssttt….crab mental !!!!