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Lee Chong Wei Vs Viktor Axelsen Live Dubai Super Series Finals 2017

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If Lee Chong Wei wins this match, he will be the new World No.1 so there will be a lot at stake when Lee Chong Wei takes on Viktor Axelsen for the Dubai World Super Series Finals 2017. Watch Lee Chong Wei Vs Vi...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Chen Long Live Stream Hong Kong Open 2017

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Chen Long will be looking to continue his super form meanwhile Chong Wei will be looking for revenge against Chen Long at the Hong Kong Open 2017 men single final. Watch Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long Live Chen...

1 minute flat play with 147 strokes!

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Another simple way to practice your flat play game in badminton is to have a partner across the net and practice the flat play as many times as possible. In this video, both players manage to do 147 strokes in 1 minut...

10 players destroyed by Lin Dan

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There is nothing much we can said about the might Lin Dan as we know that he is one of the best badminton player in the history of badminton. He has destroyed many players in the badminton court. Just look what he ...

10 rare stunt shots by Lin Dan

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Watch some of the very rare stunt shots by none other the great Lin Dan of China!

1000 apologies

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I would apologize to all badminton lovers out there for not being able to provide the highlights of the China and Hong Kong Open. The main reason for not being able to provide those matches was purely because i was on...

100Plus On The Move – Lee Chong Wei

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A commercial for 100Plus, Malaysia's No.1 brand for isotonic drink. The advertisement is made popular by than other than Lee Chong Wei. Enjoy it!

17 Insane net blocks in badminton

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In this video you can watch 17 of the most crazy and insane net blocks in badminton. Watch the net block at 6:48 and you will be amazed how the player managed to respond to such a net block!

188 comments? You must be joking…

3.49K Views11 Comments

Wow. I got 188 comments in my blog. Realy shocking! To be honest out of the 188 comments, 180 are all spam comments. For those spammers, don't was time spamming on my site. Your messages won't be approved. So All E...

2 common mistakes for doubles player

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There are two common mistakes that is always repeated my doubles player regardless whether they are beginner or non professional. Let's watch this video and educate ourselves so that we don't repeat these mistakes on ...

2 common mistakes while playing doubles in badminton

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These 2 common mistakes are very rampant in men doubles. To avoid all these simple mistakes, please watch this video now and the coach will teach you how to overcome these mistakes!

2 year old boy playing badminton

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This can't be real as a 2 year old kid can carry badminton racket and return shuttles sent to him with ease. Future champion in the making?

20 best rallies from BWF World Championship 2013!

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Enjoy the best 20 rallies for men single at the BWF World Championship 2013! Some of the very best players were on court such as Lee Chong Wei, recipe Lin Dan, Nguyen Tien Minh, Jan O Jorgensen and many more. If you...

2004 Olympics Men Doubles Finals Badminton Video

3.18K Views7 Comments

2011 Denmark Open Men’s Double Final: Jung,Lee [KOR] vs [CHN] Cai,Fu

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Another exciting badminton video for Denmark Open 2011. Men's Double Final offers fast-pacing game between Nielsen,Pedersen [DEN] pair versus Xu,Ma [CHN] pair. Enjoy!

2011 Denmark Open Men’s Single Final: CHEN Long [CHN] vs [MAS] LEE Chong Wei

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Here's the summit of Denmark Open 2011. Men's Single Final between CHEN Long [CHN] vs [MAS] LEE Chong Wei. This is the last match before we cover Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2011.

2011 Denmark Open Mixed Double Final: Nielsen,Pedersen [DEN] vs [CHN] Xu,Ma

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Some of you requested the finals in Denmark Open 2011. Here's the first one: Mixed Double Final Nielsen,Pedersen [DEN] vs [CHN] Xu,Ma. More videos coming soon.

2011 Hong Kong Open Men’s Single Semi Final: LIN Dan [CHN] vs [MAS] LEE Chong Wei

2.67K Views3 Comments

It's a sad day. This is the first time Lee Chong Wei failed to set his foot on a tournament's final after so long. Nevertheless, check out the video for Men's Single Semi Final in Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2011...

2011 Yonex French Open Men’s Double Final: Jung-Lee [KOR] vs [CHN] Cai-Fu

1.72K Views1 Comments

Men's Double Final match is one of the most exciting matches in Yonex French Open 2011. South Korea’s Jung Jae Sung-Lee Yong Dae pair faced the world champions, Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng of China in the men’s doubles...

2011 Yonex French Open Men’s Single Final: Lee Chong Wei vs Kenichi Tago

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Watch the ultimate match for Yonex French Open 2011. The final match in Men's Single: Lee Chong Wei(Malaysia) vs Kenichi Tago(Japan).

2011 Yonex French Open MSR2 Chen Long vs Daren Liew

1.59K Views1 Comments

Watch Round 2 of Men's Single Yonex French Open 2011 Chen Long(China) VS Daren Liew(Malaysia)

2011 Yonex French Open MSSF Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long

1.87K Views2 Comments

Touted as one of his finest games, Lee Chong Wei takes Chen Long for the Semi Final match in Yonex French Open 2011. Watch the Semi-Final of Men's Single Yonex French Open 2011 Lee Chong Wei(Malaysia) vs Chen Long(C...

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