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Do you know the men doubles rules?

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Many of us like to play men doubles but do we really know the rules of the game?

Smash it like Fu Haifeng

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Fu Haifeng has one of the most powerful smash in the modern badminton game. He had a very successful partnership with Cai Yun where they did win most of the title offered. In this video, Fu Haifeng will share with you...

Red card in badminton?

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We always see red card in soccer but how often do you see a red card in badminton? If not, this is the right video for you!

Are these shots lucky or skill?

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These are some of very good shots. But are these considered as lucky shots or trick shots? You decide! Click the link below to watch the video Are these shots lucky or skill?

Physical training for badminton

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We need to be physically fit and ready if we want to play good badminton. In this video, there are some of the exercises that we can try it out to improve ourselves physically so that we can play better badminton.

The way the Koreans and Japanese train their badminton

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Ever wondered how the Koreans and Japanese improved so much in their badminton of late? This video is just some of the few methods of training that is being conducted. Watch and learn from their simple video training ...

Can the robot beat the humans in badminton?

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This is something interesting where we have a robot taking on human in a badminton game. Can the robot really make it against the humans when they challenge us to a game of badminton?

Lee Chong Wei training with his teammates in Indonesia

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In a rare video captured in Indonesia in the recent Indonesian Open. Chong Wei can be seen training with Iskandar Zulkarnain and also Goh Soon Huat. Enjoy this rare video!

Lee Chong Wei warming up with Taufik Hidayat

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Lee Chong Wei took on Taufik Hidayat in a 4 kings exhibition match and before their match up they were warming up together. Enjoy the short footage of these two legends hitting and warming up themselves before match.

This is how the professional badminton player trains

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Ever wondered how the professional badminton player trains? This is a video on top Taiwanese player Chou Tien Chen training. See for yourself on this training. It is not easy to reach the top. Are you willing to sacri...

Lee Chong Wei born to be No.1

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As we know, Lee Chong Wei has got back to be World No.1 again in the world ranking of badminton. He did it the hard way after being banned for 8 months for doping. Enjoy this video compilation specially made for him!

Lin Dan demonstrate the backhand serve technique and shares why it’s a must learn

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The legendary Lin Dan already made his stand on the backhand serve technique. We must take his advice and learn it from him.

Are you a serious badminton player? Then move your eyes early

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In this video, you will learn to move your eyes after you hit the shuttle. This will allow you to be more ready for your opponents next shot. This might just be a small matter, but if you are a few millisecond faster ...

Fancy some trickshots?

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In this video compilation, enjoy some of the very best trick shots from Switzerland! Yeah i really mean it Switzerland. Enjoy!

Lee Chong Wei – Man Of Steel

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There are too many superlatives that we can associate Lee Chong Wei with. In this compilation video, we give Lee Chong Wei the title of Man of Steel. Watch and enjoy this compilation.

Nguyen Tien Minh the best badminton player in the history of Vietnam

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I am sure the badminton community recognises Nguyen Tien Minh for his hard work and never say die attitude in the court. Tien Minh on his day can give the big guns for their money. I am pretty sure he is the best ...

Is this the longest rally in the history of badminton?

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In the recent Denmark Open 2015, Naoko Fukuman/Kurumi Yonao of Japan played against Poon Lok Yan/Tse Ying Suet of Chinese Taipei and had a rally which lastest for 4.31 minutes. Could this be the world record for the l...

How to do the lunge in badminton?

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It is an important skill for you to master in badminton which is the lunge. You will need to lunge towards the shuttle in a match many times. So if you don't master it, how are you going to move well on court?

Do you know what destroy your movement in the badminton court?

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Ever wondered the little things that you are doing wrongly that will eventually spoil your movement on court? In badminton, your movement is a very important skill because if your movement is poor, you can't get t...

Chen Long vs Anthony Ginting Australia Open 2016

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Chen Long will be looking to win the Australia Open 2016 but standing in his way will be Indonesia up and coming player, Anthony Ginting. An upset is on the cards!

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