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Lee Chong Wei Vs Brice Leverdez Denmark Open 2016

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A shocker by Brice Leverdez as he knocked out the Rio Olympics 2016 men single silver medalist Lee Chong Wei out of the Denmark Open 2016. Brice Leverdez should be given the standing ovation for his superb performance...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Brice Leverdez Live Denmark Open 2016

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Watch the live stream match between Lee Chong Wei Vs Brice Leverdez of France at the Denmark Open 2016. Please share this website with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Lee Chong ...

Lee Hyun Il Vs Viktor Axelsen Denmark Open 2016

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Another old horse in the world of badminton, Lee Hyun Il takes on home favorite Viktor Axlesen the Rio Olympics 2016 bronze medalist in the Denmark Open. Can the old horse upset the younger player from Denmark? You wi...

Lee Chong Wei Vs HS Prannoy Denmark Open 2016

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Lee Chong Wei took on HS Prannoy of India in the R16 of the Denmark Open 2016. Lee Chong Wei should have no issues qualifying to the next round. I wonder how old is this Lee Chong Wei? Still playing at his best at thi...

Olympic champion Zhang Nan teaches the attack drive

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Two times Olympic champion, once in the mixed double and another in the men double, Zhang Nan will share on how to do the attack drive in this video. Learn from the expert to be an expert!

A sharing from Chen Long on doing the backhand and forehand

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In this video, Chen Long the current Rio Olympics 2016 gold medal will share his knowledge on how to hit a good backhand and forehand! For more badminton news and videos :- Click here

Defense footwork by Wang Shixian

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Wang Shixian is a top women single player and this video she will teach you how to do the defense footwork the correct way!

Craziest rally in the history of badminton

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Cheng Shao Chieh showed to the world her never said die attitude by diving all over the court and eventually she won the point. This is crazy stuff as not many women can achieve or retrieve such shots that many times!...

Alan Kakinami can string a badminton racket in 14 minutes and 45s

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This dude, Alan Kakinami has fast hands as he can string a badminton racket in 14 minutes and 45 seconds. If you don't believe it, you must watch this video to believe!

China robot challenging human badminton players

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Can this be real? China has created a robot to challenge human players in a game of badminton. I think this robot should take on Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan to test on it's capabilities. What do you think?

A comprehensive video for badminton lovers

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This video's length is about 45 minutes and this video will share with you the tips for a beginner and also the advance badminton lovers. Enjoy!

Anticipation training drills in badminton

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Anticipation is an important aspect in your badminton game. If you can anticipate your opponents next shot, then you are on verge in ready all his moves on court. With that, you are always ahead or a step faster than ...

Korean exhibition match

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What do you think about this exhibition match? It was taken in Korea!

Different kind of shots in badminton

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There are many different kind of shots in badminton. There is the lob, drop, smash, serve and many more. In this video, you will get to watch all the different strokes of from the badminton racket!

Lee Chong Wei’s gym training

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Do you want to be as fit and strong like Lee Chong Wei? Before ever thinking of reaching to his level, can you follow and keep up with his training regime in the gym like this video?

Difference between badminton, tennis and ping pong – Lin Dan, Roger Federer and Ma Long

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Can you spot the difference between these 3 sports? Badminton, Ping Pong and Tennis? These 3 great players really represent the greatest in their sports - Lin Dan, Roger Federer and Ma Long. Enjoy this superb compilat...

Combine shuttle drill test with no mercy!

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Do you like a badminton training drill with no mercy? The word no mercy really send shivers down the spine of many. This drill will really test your will power and your stamina! Try it out.

Special physical training for badminton players

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Physical training is an important aspect for badminton players. You need to by physically fit to play badminton. This video will have some insight of what you need to do to stay physically fit. Enjoy!

The correct badminton swing

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In this video, the coach will share to you the right standing position, the body posture and the point of contact when you want to hit a shuttle. Try it out to improve on your game.

Training with legendary Peter Gade

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Earlier yesterday i have shared the training with legendary player Park Joo Bong and now in this video, it will share the training with the legendary Peter Gade of Denmark! Enjoy!

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