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What spoils your backhand clear – Landing & hitting only

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Another very educational video by the coach. This time around, the coach will tell you how to make your backhand clear better. To make your technique or method to do the perfect backhand clear, you shouldn't be landin...

If you turn your body too early, this will destroy your smash

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Do not turn your body too early when making a smash. This will definitely spoil your smash. See what the coach have to say on this matter.

Doing the sliding step will destroy your smash

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If you don't want to have a lousy smash in badminton, do not do the sliding step. By watching this video you will understand it better.

If you hit with a bending arm, your smash will gone

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By hitting the shuttle with a bending arm, it will surely destroy your smash. To have good smashes, watch this video and follow the advise of this coach to make good smashes.

Slow steps and rush hit will destroy your backhand clear

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Another weakness that most player have to overcome when hitting the backhand clear is slow steps and rush hit during a rally. If you all realize, I share a lot of videos on backhand clear because most players have pro...

If your grip is too loose, you will make a loose backhand shot

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When you want to make a good backhand clear, always ensure that you hold your badminton handle tightly. Often, players will loose grip on the handle will make a weak backhand return. This will definately give the oppo...

Badminton trick shot – Practice makes perfect

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A group of Japanese badminton players gathered and were practicing on doing badminton trick shots. They managed to execute the trick shots with loads of practice. We must never be lazy if we want to succeed. How many ...

Lee Chong Wei is back and running

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After months of wait, finally it comes to a good ending for Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia's badminton icon. Chong Wei will be slapped with an eight month suspension due to consuming Cordyceps capsules that was contami...

If you hit the shuttle horizontally, it will destroy your backhand

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You shouldn't hit the shuttle horizontally if you want to make a perfect backhand clear. Your racket must be vertical and close to your body. The explosiveness comes after you hit the shuttle vertically. Master th...

Moving too early will destroy your smash defense

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Movement in court and timing is very important if you want to play good badminton. In defending a smash, if you move too early, it will destroy your defense. Watch how the coach explain on the perfect timing to do a s...

Giving up one side will destroy your smash defense

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When defending a smash, we must always stand on our ground and cover both sides. Your defense will be useless if you give up on one side for your defense. In short, when defending a smash, we must cover the forehand ...

Having wrong thumb position will destroy your smash

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Ever wondered why sometimes your smash is either not powerful or not accurate. One of the MAJOR reasons why your smash is at the wrong position? To play good a smash, one must be always remember the grip and also t...

What destroys your smash defense?

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One of the major reason that destroys your smash defense is too much of back swing will really destroy your defense. Take note on this matter as this minor changes in your game will help you in great leap and bounds.

What and how to practice to make your smash powerful?

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Badminton players always wonder on the methods of making their smash powerful. In this video, the coach will till you on the ways of making a powerful smash. The right method will always give you the desired results!

Badminton drill – Going to deep corners

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This is a brilliant way of practicing to go to the deep corners. It is very hard to feed shuttles to the deep corners with a racket, especially for young players. This way it’s much easier to create the situation that...

Koo Kien Keat partnering Tan Boon Heong again in a mega deal

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The game is on with Koo Kien Keat rekindling his partnership with Tan Boon Heong once again. Not only that, they will be backed up with a whopping RM2million in their quest for a third successive Olympic appearance. ...

Badminton footwork for kids

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Enjoy a simple and interactive training for kids where they can train their footwork.

Lee Chong Wei having fun with kids

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Lee Chong Wei having fun with kids in Thailand. Enjoy this rare video!

Another agonizing 3 weeks of wait for Lee Chong Wei

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There seem to be no ending for Lee Chong Wei's doping case. After the hearing in Amsterdam which lasted for eight hour, Lee Chong Wei came out drained and tired. Chong Wei was wearing a smart blue suit for the hear...

Singapore Open 2015 live stream (semi final)

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Watch the Yonex Singapore Open 2015 live stream (Semi Final) only from the channels below. Please share this website to your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Singapore Open 2015 Live Sin...

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