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All England 2015 Quarter Final Live Stream

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Watch the All England 2015 badminton championship quarter final live stream only from the channels below. Please share this site with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Court 1 Court 2

Badminton drill – Cross drop from round the head

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Players is rotating in body ending with the side to the net, keeping racket in the right starting position. Left arm is stretched out before the stroke is executed to keep balance and getting forward towards the net. ...

Boon Heong says sayonara to BAM

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After 11 years with the national team, Tan Boon Heong finally call it quits by submitting his resignation letter to BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia). Boon Heong once formed a successful partnership with Koo...

All England 2015 R32 Live Stream

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Watch the All England badminton championship live stream only from the channels below. Please share this site with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Court 1 Court 2

Badminton drill – China jump with second explosion

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Player starts off with a chasse and using china jump, and thereby not fully rotating in body when executing the stroke. Stepping off on the left foot and then the right foot, getting as high as possible. When landing ...

Badminton drill – Anticipating, learning to be offensive

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2 against 1. The two players are only allowed to play within their half court side, so the single player has the opportunity to get as early on the next shuttle as possible. All strokes are allowed. NOTICE: It is ...

Badminton drill – Lurking to attack

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The two players are allowed to return 1-4 short returns, and then making a lift either long line or cross court. The single player runs forward after attacking, and starts the new round of short returns. The low net i...

Badminton drill – Flat play, 1 minute

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Players are playing flat play. They are trying to get as many strokes over the net as possible within one minute. They are allowed to drop the shuttle, and start a new rally. The stroke only counts when played over th...

Badminton drill – Two chance attack

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Ordinary single rules and keeping score. Each player has one chance of winning with any given stroke from the back court, if the stroke is returned, players is forced to make a high lift to the back court, and thereby...

Badminton drill – Backhand block, offensive block

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When opponent is making an overhead shot or a drive from the rear court to the front court. It could be a slice, drop or a clip. The block is played very close to the net after passing the top of the net. (00:38) This...

Badminton drill – Moving cross court from fore hand side

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It is very important, that players learn to move within systems. This exercise keeps focus on moving from forehand side playing cut or clip cross court. RULES: Feeder plays a lift to the player, and is ready to pl...

Badminton drill – Diving at the shuttle

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Players are practicing to dive at the shuttle. Feeder needs to throw the shuttle very fast and with a steep angle. Player is standing with very low center of gravity. NOTICE: Player is diving at the shuttle, reachi...

Badminton drill – Step out and block – 2 Variations

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The 1st exercises can be used by trained feeders and coaches, and the 2nd exercise can be used by all players. The first exercises develops both moving to the rear court and front court, where the 2nd exercises only d...

Badminton drill – China jump both sides

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This exercise is very good for players to practice the timing with the shuttle when jumping. NOTICE: Player uses double chasses to get under the shuttle in both sides. If the shuttle is played in the same side twice,...

Badminton drill – Special Backhand Long Line

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Player is using backhand with thumb on side. Just before impact, players is making an outwards rotation in the wrist, and pulling the elbow towards the cross corner, making the stroke look like as if the stroke is pla...

Badminton drill – Ultimate speed exercise, push step and push back

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Feeder is allowed to throw shuttle to both sides, and throw shuttle behind feeder. When feeder is throwing shuttles behind feeder, they are thrown a bit higher that the ones thrown to the side of the court. NOTICE...

Badminton drill – Going To Deep Corners And Back

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This exercise is a speed exercise, where the player is pushed to the limit. Players learn to get very fast into the court after a return in the deep corners. RULES: Player rotates as fast as possible after getting...

Badminton drill – Delayed drop shot

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Practicing this stroke is a good way to practice and develop “feeling” and control. It is a very difficult stroke to master, and it takes a lot of practice to do it right. Player tries to pull through as making a ...

Badminton drill – Drop shot double action

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It is not all players that are confident enough to use these kind of trick shots, but it is very important that coaches encourages players into trying, and also being okay with making mistakes. This trick shot develop...

Badminton drill – Cross net shot

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Player stretches arm towards shuttle, keeping a loose backhand grip. Racket head is held in a downwards angle, and it has to look like the start of a net shot or lift. This makes the stroke very hard to react upon for...

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