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Multifeeding to train on front court tap

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This is a drill where you can train on your front court tap shots. The coach or trainer will feed you the shuttle with pace for you to tap on the shuttle. Practice this and make it perfect.

Train your footwork together with multitasking

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A few examples of multitasking and footwork for badminton players. Younger players has to learn to focus. Most players don't know how to move, to breathe on court. Just watch and see the different way how the move on ...

Badminton for beginners – Forehand & Backhand grip

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Your forehand and backhand grip must be right because you can further proceed in learning the other skills in badminton. In short, basic skills is important. Enjoy this video.

Badminton for beginners – Basic clear motion exercise

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We will bring you a few episode for our badminton lovers out there who are just starting to love badminton. The first video will be on the basic clear motion exercise. Enjoy this video as this is the most basic thing ...

Train your footwork

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This video is made for you to train your footwork doing various fast feet exercises. These are for you to train your muscles to be explosive and quick when moving around the court. 30 seconds work followed by 30 s...

Badminton drill – Lunge + Scissors jump

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A simple yet fruitful badminton drill for beginners where you practice on your scissors jump and then move forward for the lunge. This practice is useful to make you used to a rhythm whenever you are on court. Try thi...

The best way to tire your opponents

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Whenever you are in a game of badminton, your main aim has always been on how to tire your opponents. If you can tire your opponents with ease, you will stroll over without any problem. This video teaches you the best...

How to do deceptive shots in court?

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An extra added skill into your armory if you can practice this deceptive shot. Practice makes perfect and you should just do that.

Footwork – Defensive Footwork Rhythm

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It is always good if you have a good rhythm in court. This drill let's you practice on your defensive footwork rhythm. You must always be on your toes and must give 100% in every drill in order to maximize this traini...

Footwork – Scissors jump + Sprint

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Another footwork exercise that you can practice is the scissors jump + sprint court runs. Court runs will help you to get fit and also practice your legs movement.

China footwork exercise – Foot quickness exercise

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Footwork in badminton is very very very important. Your footwork will determine whether you can move around the court without any problem. The faster you move on court, you will have an extra advantage over your oppon...

Lee Yong Dae-Yoo Yeon Seong vs Chai Biao-Hong Wei Super Series Finals 2014

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Lee Yong Dae-Yoo Yeon Seong took on surprise finalist Chai Biao-Hong Wei of China at Dubai Super Series Finals 2014. The Koreans shouldn't have any problem winning this title but the Chinese pair will not go down with...

How to do the jump smash?

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Another good video to share is on how to do the jump smash? Powerful just smashes is essential as it is a weapon of destruction in a rally. Watch this video closely as it teaches you the right technique to do the jump...

How to do backhand smash?

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If you have mastered the backhand technique, you can go further by learning the backhand smash. It won't be easy but it's a useful weapon to catch your opponent by surprise.

Backhand technique

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Most badminton players have problem with their backhand rather than their forehand. So it is essential for you to get the right technique so that you can master this skills. You can realize that you will always be att...

Badminton court dimensions

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The most basic about badminton which most of badminton players must know is the badminton court dimensions. The dimensions for singles and doubles are slightly different. Some basic dimensions that you need to ...

How to do hairpin net drop?

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Learn the technique of doing hairpin net drop step by step. The hairpin net drop will be a useful addition to your game if you can train it perfectly. Enjoy the process.

Chen Long vs Hans Kristian Vittinghus Super Series Finals 2014

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Chen Long will be looking to end 2014 on a high note when he takes on Hans Kristian Vittinghus of Denmark in the finals of the Dubai Super Series 2014. Vittinghus is a surprise package in the tournament as he made it ...

Super Series Finals 2014 Live Stream

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Watch the Dubai Super Series Finals 2014 only from the channels below. Please share this link to your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 Click here to watch LIVE Super Series Final...

Saina Nehwal vs Tai Tzu Ying Super Series Finals 2014

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Saina Nehwal will be looking to proceed to the finalas at the Dubai Super Series Finals 2014 but standing her way will be Chinese Taipei player, Tai Tzu Ying. It will be a tough match with both players will be looking...

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