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Badminton drill – Diving at the shuttle

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Players are practicing to dive at the shuttle. Feeder needs to throw the shuttle very fast and with a steep angle. Player is standing with very low center of gravity. NOTICE: Player is diving at the shuttle, reachi...

Badminton drill – Step out and block – 2 Variations

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The 1st exercises can be used by trained feeders and coaches, and the 2nd exercise can be used by all players. The first exercises develops both moving to the rear court and front court, where the 2nd exercises only d...

Badminton drill – China jump both sides

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This exercise is very good for players to practice the timing with the shuttle when jumping. NOTICE: Player uses double chasses to get under the shuttle in both sides. If the shuttle is played in the same side twice,...

Badminton drill – Special Backhand Long Line

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Player is using backhand with thumb on side. Just before impact, players is making an outwards rotation in the wrist, and pulling the elbow towards the cross corner, making the stroke look like as if the stroke is pla...

Badminton drill – Ultimate speed exercise, push step and push back

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Feeder is allowed to throw shuttle to both sides, and throw shuttle behind feeder. When feeder is throwing shuttles behind feeder, they are thrown a bit higher that the ones thrown to the side of the court. NOTICE...

Badminton drill – Going To Deep Corners And Back

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This exercise is a speed exercise, where the player is pushed to the limit. Players learn to get very fast into the court after a return in the deep corners. RULES: Player rotates as fast as possible after getting...

Badminton drill – Delayed drop shot

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Practicing this stroke is a good way to practice and develop “feeling” and control. It is a very difficult stroke to master, and it takes a lot of practice to do it right. Player tries to pull through as making a ...

Badminton drill – Drop shot double action

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It is not all players that are confident enough to use these kind of trick shots, but it is very important that coaches encourages players into trying, and also being okay with making mistakes. This trick shot develop...

Badminton drill – Cross net shot

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Player stretches arm towards shuttle, keeping a loose backhand grip. Racket head is held in a downwards angle, and it has to look like the start of a net shot or lift. This makes the stroke very hard to react upon for...

Badminton drill – Getting high on the net

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This exercise teaches the player to move towards the shuttle when played to the front court. It is very important, that the player tries to reach the shuttle as high as possible, stretching arm towards the shuttle. ...

Badminton drill – Block & move with explosive turns in body

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Another useful drill for those badminton freaks where a feeder will feed you shuttle in a fast manner which will enable you to block and move. When the feeder increases the tempo of the drill, you will have more e...

Footwork training – Change of direction

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A very different way to train your footwork with lots of changing of direction. It is very useful to learn from this video as in badminton there are many times you will need to change your direction. Good footwork tra...

Multi feeding with delayed strokes

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This exercise is used to provoke the core stability and the speed of the player. The player needs to make a lot of correction-steps to reach for the shuttles. This exercise develops great speed and balance when done o...

How to use your wrist when doing a backhand clear?

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More often then not, we always use our arm when hitting a backhand clear because our backhand is not that powerful. In this video, the coach will teach us how to use our write when doing a backhand clear. Master this ...

What destroys your smash – Take it at the highest point

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Another very important point that you need to take note when doing a smash is to take the shuttle at the highest point when wanting to do a smash. At a higher point, you can get a sharper and more steep smash. Besides...

Footwork training for kids

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If you have kids at home and they are in love with badminton, you can train them with their footwork by watching this video. A very simple and interactive way to train kids. Enjoy!

What destroys your smash – Too much turning

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Another mistakes that most badminton players do while doing a smash is too much turning while doing a smash. Minimize your turning and you will be able to make a good smash.

What destroys your smash – Doing too much pronation

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This is one of the video that I will share on your mistakes while doing a smash. The first mistake that people usually do when doing a smash is doing too much pronation. In short, pronation is a motion of rolling your...

What destroys your backhand clear?

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Sometimes you might not realize your mistake in badminton unless someone tells you so. One of the most common mistakes for badminton players when they do a backhand clear is too much follow through while hitting the b...

How to hit a high, deep serve in badminton

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The service in badminton is one of the basic shots that you need to know how to do correctly if you want to play badminton. In this video, the coach will teach you how to hit a high deep serve in badminton.

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