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Best badminton dives for 2016

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Enjoy a compilation video where you will get to witness the top 10 best badminton dives for year 2016!

Can you do the forehand spinning net shot?

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In this video, the coach will teach you the right way of doing the forehand spinning net shot. A good spinning net shot will enable you to get a poor or weak respond from your opponent in order to finish off the rally.

Do you know how to do the backcourt jump smash?

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Jumping smash from the back court is very common in the modern game now as it adds power to your game. In this video, the coach will share to you the tricks and secrets of doing the backcourt jump smash!

How to use the wrist to do the backhand clear?

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In badminton, the wrist is very important. If you have a powerful wrist, you can do many kind of different shots. It is the same for your backhand clear where the wrist is essential. Watch the video to learn from the ...

How to practice to make your smash powerful?

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As we know, the smash is one of the most important techniques that we need to master if we want to climb the ladder in badminton. Do you know how to practice to make it powerful? If not, watch the video tutorial now!

Have you heard of “The Wave” hitting skill in badminton?

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The wave hitting skill is a skill which is so powerful and it is designed for your backhand clear. So if you have a weak backhand clear, then The Wave hitting skill is just for you!

You have problem with your power smash?

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Always wanted to add more power to your smash but it always seems that you just couldn't add more power to it? Watch this video to add additional power to your smash!

How to return flick serve effectively?

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The flick serve is used usually to catch your opponents off guard. So in order to avoid being caught of guard, we must know all the things to be done so that we can return the flick serve effectively.

The smash and drive badminton drills

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This purpose of this drill is to improve on the speed and power for your smash. On top of that, will also improve your shot accuracy, shot placement and also your shot consistency. The smash and drive badmint...

Basic footwork training for beginners

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If you are looking to learn the right technique of the badminton footwork, then wait no more as the coach will demonstrate to you on how it's done!

Crazy speed and skills by Lee Chong Wei

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Lee Chong Wei is well known for his speed and power on court. Not only that, he is also known for his good racket skills. Watch this video where Lee Chong Wei parade all his weapons on court.

Lee Chong Wei training for an open tournament

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Have you seen Lee Chong Wei training in an open tournament? This video was taken during the 2014 Singapore Open. Preparation during a tournament is open and essential if a player wants to do well. Get some tips fr...

5 Longest rally in the history of badminton

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We have the tallest man, shortest man and many more world records. In this video, we will share with you all the 5 longest rally in the history of badminton. Enjoy!

How to do the backhand shot and also prevent injury?

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Most of us have a weak backhand shot. In this video, the coach will share with us on how to make the backhand shot correct and also the method to prevent injury for badminton.

Do you know how to train your movement in badminton?

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In this educational badminton video, the coach will show you a demanding movement training. This video will want you to develop your leg power and when the timing to stop, start and transfer from one point to another....

Have you watch insane badminton before?

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Badminton at an insane level? You better watch this compilation to believe it.

Footwork conditioning by the Chinese

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Want to improve on your footwork? Then you need to learn from the Chinese. Watch this video to learn and improve on your footwork conditioning.

Viktor Axelsen the future of badminton

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Viktor Axelsen will be the force to be reckon in the near future as players like Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan reaches their twilight of their career. Enjoy some of the very best moment from the futureman!

Lucky kids sparring with Lee Chong Wei

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Lucky kids god the chance to have a chance to hit with Lee Chong Wei. I am sure many of us fancy sparring or just hit a few shuttle with this great player. When can we get that lucky?

Footwork training by Lee Chong Wei

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Footwork is very important in the game of badminton which I have stressed many times. In this video, we can see how the great Lee Chong Wei trains his footwork on court. Enjoy!

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