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The basic of the backhand clear

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Backhand clear is used to get you out of trouble by putting your opponents to the back of the court. The backhand is played from your rear court to your opponents rear court as well. The backhand clear is often a ...

A simple mid court drive drill for badminton

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The mid court drive is useful when you want to exert pressure to your opponents. It is always seen in double matches where they want to increase the speed of a rally. If you opponent is isn't ready to engage with ...

Badminton footwork moving towards the rearcourt

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This footwork is important when your opponent hits a clear shot towards the baseline. You need to stand at a ready position waiting for the feeder to send the shuttle to the baseline. When the shuttle is hit toward...

Do you know how to get a better hitting angle, faster speed and also more power in badminton?

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To play good badminton, we must be very enthusiastic whether to make or retrieve a shot. If you can take the shuttle early, you will have a better hitting angle, faster shuttle speed and also more power. When we a...

How to do the backcourt high position shot?

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Basically to do this shot, you shouldn't take the shuttle at a very low position. We need to hit the shuttle at the highest point of contact. By hitting the shuttle at a very low position, there is no way we can m...

Thailand Open 2015 Final Stream

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Watch the Thailand Open 2015 final stream only from the channels below. Please share this website to your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 Channel 2 Click here to watc...

Do you know how to do the backcourt forehand defense?

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When you are caught off guard at the forehand corner at the backcourt, you can defend using the forehand defense. There is two places where you can hit the shuttle which is when the shuttle is under your shoulder ...

How to do a perfect backhand and also prevent injuries when playing badminton?

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When hitting a backhand shot, we need to use our wrist and we shouldn't swing our arm fully. Besides that, the body rotation when doing a backhand is also important. Not only that, your footwork also must be fast t...

Thailand Open 2015 Quarter Final Live Stream

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Watch the Thailand Open 2015 quarter final live stream only from the channels below. Please share this website with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 Thailand Open 2015 Live

How you can train quick and efficient movement in the badminton court?

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Basically in singles, we must divide the badminton court into regions where there are 6 key points. If the shuttle comes within the circle that is drawn, we can get to the shuttle in one step. The second region wil...

How to do the backhand defensive clear?

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The defensive clear strength depends a lot on your swinging motion. For the shuttle the travel faster, one must be quick to swing the racquet. Besides that, your grip must be unorthodox because if you use the normal g...

How to do the front court lift?

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When doing the front court lift, your racket swing is very important where the point of contact the strength and power of your shots. It is not always the size that matters in making a powerful shot but the right tech...

How to do around the head shot with footwork?

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The most basic thing that you need to take note when doing the around the head shot is to turn your body. Besides that, the head position is also important when doing this shot. Please continue to watch this video to ...

Zhao Jianhua playing men double

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One of the best men single players during his time, Zhao Jianhua had some fun time playing men doubles. Watch one of the legends playing and enjoy the moment.

The end is near for Lee Chong Wei

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Lee Chong Wei's dream of a final apperance at the next year's Olympic in Rio took another bitter twist as he was dumped out of the qualifying round of the Victor Korea Open 2015. We must accept the face that ag...

Japan Open 2015 Final Results

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Lin Dan showed to the world that he still can play good badminton when he defeated a much younger Viktor Axelsen at the Japan Open 2015 men single finals. Meanwhile there is good news for the home team as two Japa...

Not complaining or frowning after Lee Chong Wei’s latest defeat to Lin Dan

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As we know, Lee Chong Wei the defending champion for the on going Japan Open 2015 has crashed out at the 2nd round of this year's tournament loosing to his biggest rival Lin Dan. There will be no representative...

Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei Japan Open 2015

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Lee Chong Wei once again will take on Lin Dan at the 3rd round of the Japan Open 2015. Chong Wei will be playing for more ranking points as he is trying to qualify for the Olympics in Rio 2016. Meanwhile, Lin Dan have...

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Japan Open 2015 live stream

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Watch the live stream between Lee Chong Wei taking on Lin Dan at the Japan Open 2015 R16. There wouldn't be many more matches like this, so please sit back and enjoy the battles of the great players in this ear. ...

How to pick the correct badminton racket, shuttle and tension?

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This is one of the basic things that you need to know if you want to play badminton. Have you chosen the right racket for yourself? What sort of shuttle is suitable for your training? What kind of strings and tension ...

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