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Have you seen Lee Chong Wei playing mixed doubles?

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A rare video where Lee Chong Wei is seen playing mixed doubles. Enjoy it!

Body posture when doing the net kill

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You must have the right body posture when you make a net shot. The coach will share and explain to you the method of doing so. Right posture brings you far in the game.

Badminton training – Finger power training

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This is a very tough training exercise where you need to do push up using only your fingers. This training aims to help you built better and solid hand muscles to prepare yourself for further tournaments. You can inc...

Badminton skill – Service & Return Of Service

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In badminton, it is very important if you can serve well. Not only that, you must be able to return the service well so that you do not add additional pressure onto yourself. Learn the right way of doing the above ski...

Where should I smash in doubles?

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It is often we choose a wrong selection of shots during a match. As a badminton player, you should study your strengths and overcome your opponents weaknesses of your opponents. By hitting and hurting your opponen...

Badminton drill – Smash and net step

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Another simple badminton drill for you to follow is the smash and net step. To improve your movement in court, you should practice this drill.

Lee Chong Wei greatest comeback

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Lee Chong Wei came back from the dead as he was 13-20 down in the final set against Lin Dan in Malaysia. Chong Wei then stormed home with victory with Lin Dan stunned with the outcome. This is Chong Wei's greatest com...

Warming up and set your body

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It is always very essential to warm up and set your body before you play a match or start a training. The reason you warm up is to stretch all those muscles and limbs to avoid injury to you.

Trick Shot – Fake net then lift

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A good trick shot for you to practice and learn where you fake your opponent making them believe that you are going to do a net shot but you trick them and lift the shuttle to the back court.

Repair your shuttlecock – Broken feather removal (Part 2/5)

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This is the second part of how you can reincarnate your shuttlecock. Part 2 will teaches you on removing the feathers of the shuttlecock. Part I Good feather collection

End of the road for Chong Wei if he is ban for 2 years

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Lee Chong Wei's fans must be on the edge of their seats as Lee Chong Wei has announced that he will quit the game if his two years ban remains for doping. "If in the end I am suspended for two years, then I will n...

How to repair a shuttle – Good feather collection

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Part 1 of 5 videos where we share on how you can reincarnate your faulty or bad shuttle to as good as new. The first part is to collect those good feathers shuttle. You will need to pick and choose the best feathers a...

Queen of net shots

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Wang Shixian one of the top women single player from China is known for her accurate and deceptive net shots. That's why we gave her the nickname of queen of net shots. Watch some of the best shots by her.

Badminton drill – Multi shuttle training

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This badminton drill is brought to you form India where the training is called multi shuttle. Many variations can be done in this drill. You can do the smash and net drill or drop and push drill and many others. Watch...

Lee Chong Wei under the leg trick shot

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Lee Chong Wei tried to save the rally by hitting the under the leg trick shot against Chen Long during the 2014 Asian Games match. Can Chong Wei get out from trouble by hitting such a shot? Watch the video to find out...

Nguyen Tien Minh @ The King of rally

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Nguyen Tien Minh is a hard nut to crack and from this video we can see that he is the king of rally. Not afraid of long rallies, we call him the king of rally!

Best of Lin Dan @ All England Championship

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Some of Lin Dan's best moments at the Yonex All England Championship. Watch the high jump smashes, diving saves and the fist clenching moments by Lin Dan!

Badminton the beauty of life

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Badminton is the beauty of life for those playing or even watching it. Just watch the video and you will know what's the meaning of beauty of life. Happy smashing!

Lee Chong Wei perfect badminton skill

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Lee Chong Wei the best player ever produced by Malaysia showed his badminton skill in the badminton court. Watch some of the best moments from the legend badminton player from Malaysia.

Tribute to Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung – The Korean warriors

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Another great double combination is from Korea, Lee Yong Dae-Jung Jae Sung. This video shares some of their very best moments in court especially against the Chinese duo of Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng.

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