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Backhand technique

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Most badminton players have problem with their backhand rather than their forehand. So it is essential for you to get the right technique so that you can master this skills. You can realize that you will always be att...

Badminton court dimensions

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The most basic about badminton which most of badminton players must know is the badminton court dimensions. The dimensions for singles and doubles are slightly different. Some basic dimensions that you need to ...

How to do hairpin net drop?

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Learn the technique of doing hairpin net drop step by step. The hairpin net drop will be a useful addition to your game if you can train it perfectly. Enjoy the process.

Chen Long vs Hans Kristian Vittinghus Super Series Finals 2014

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Chen Long will be looking to end 2014 on a high note when he takes on Hans Kristian Vittinghus of Denmark in the finals of the Dubai Super Series 2014. Vittinghus is a surprise package in the tournament as he made it ...

Super Series Finals 2014 Live Stream

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Watch the Dubai Super Series Finals 2014 only from the channels below. Please share this link to your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Channel 1 Click here to watch LIVE Super Series Final...

Saina Nehwal vs Tai Tzu Ying Super Series Finals 2014

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Saina Nehwal will be looking to proceed to the finalas at the Dubai Super Series Finals 2014 but standing her way will be Chinese Taipei player, Tai Tzu Ying. It will be a tough match with both players will be looking...

Badminton drill – Change of grip

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Players need to adapt to a change of grip in a rally because the shuttle might not come to the direction which you are prepared. So a change of grip in a smooth way will ensure that a better return of the shuttle if y...

Chen Long vs K Srikanth World Super Series Finals 2014

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Chen Long will take on the new rising star from India K Srikanth for a place in the finals of the World Super Series Finals 2014 which is held in Dubai. With recent victory against Lin Dan, Srikanth is riding high on ...

How to return low service in doubles?

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Men doubles usually will serve low but as time pass by, even men singles are using the low serve to suit their game. In this video, you will learn how to return a low service. A good reply after a serve is important s...

Badminton skill – The net kill

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Train your net kill by watching the video below. Net kill is important as it is usually a winning point shot. This video will also teach you how to do the net kill.

How to pick up shuttlecock without using your hands?

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This is a tip for beginners where you can learn how to pick up the shuttlecock without using your hands. Learn this simple tip.

Badminton drill – Attack and defense positioning

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Your position in the badminton is very essential. If you are out of position, you will surely have to cover more court. Practice this drill to get the best position in court when you are attacking or defending.

Right footwork skill makes smash super powerful

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You always wonder why your smash is not as powerful as others? Basically, your footwork might not be right or at the right position. To make your smash super powerful, right footwork is essential. Study this video to ...

Peter Gade farewell match against Lin Dan

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Peter Gade choose Lin Dan as his final opponent for his last international match. Can the cool Dane finish his last match in his career with a win against the best player of all time Lin Dan?

Basic technique to defend a smash

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It is common in a badminton match where we have to defend ourselves against smashes. To do so, we must learn the right technique to defend a smash. Watch this video which is very useful.

Thailand Vs Malaysia AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Live Stream

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Watch Thailand taking on Malaysia in the 1st leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 final in Bangkok, Thailand. Watch Thailand vs Malaysia live only from the channels below. Channel 1

How to return flick service best possible way?

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Opponents will always try to catch you off guard with a flick serve. You must be prepared to return those flick serves with interest. If your return is weak, your opponent will take advantage and you will most likely ...

Badminton training – Smash footwork

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To get the right method in making a smash, your footwork must be right. With the right footwork and technique the power from your smash will come by automatically. Don't believe it? Try what coach has for you!

Badminton training – Strengthen wrist and finger power

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To be a good badminton player, your write must be powerful. Not only that, finger power also play a big part in your game for improvement to another level.

Badminton drill – Front court tap

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Practice your front court tap to perfection but you will need a coach or feeder to feed you the shuttle. Start with a slow feed and once you got the accuracy of the tap shot, you can increase the intensity. Happy smas...

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