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Train your net shot the Korean way

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The net shot is one of the most important shot in badminton. This is because when you hit a tight net shot it will open up the play for your next shot to finish off your opponent. Some of the best players at the net p...

Lee Chong Wei Vs Jan O Jorgensen Japan Open 2016

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Lee Chong Wei seeking for his 6th Yonex Japan Open will be playing against Jan O Jorgensen of Denmark in this year's 2016 edition. Can Chong Wei continue his fine form against the Danish player?

Japan Open 2016 Final Live Stream

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Watch the Yonex Japan Open 2016 live only from the channels below. Share this website with your friends so that they can watch live badminton for free. Japan Open Live 2016 (Click Here)

Are you sure this is an exhibition game?

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The high level of badminton in Korea is really amazing as the video that you are about to watch is only an exhibition game. Don't believe? Watch it to believe it!

Beautiful Korean girl playing good badminton

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We always associate Korean girls with beauty but this beautiful Korean girl can play good badminton. I don't know what's her name but she is indeed good!

What do you know about the plastic shuttle cock?

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The plastic shuttle is being used often for kids and beginners. How much you know about this plastic shuttle? Paul Stewart will share his info about this shuttle!

How you can strengthen your wrist at the comfort of your sofa?

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Ever wondered how can you strengthen your wrist at the comfort of your sofa? Paul Stewart will show you how it's done as your wrist strength is very important for your improvement of your badminton! Try it out!

Some funny moments after a service fault

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As we know, when we serve, our racket heads cant be above our waist line. Here is a compilation of service faults with funny moments. Enjoy!

Trouble brewing at the Chinese camp after Rio 2016 Olympics

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It seems like the drama has not ended as the Chinese national team is rocked by many resignation. Almost the entire ladies team decided to quit the sports and some at a very tender age. Below are the lists of play...

An interesting armchair badminton exercise

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Ever imagine how you can train badminton even at the comfort of your home. Not only that, it can also be done at the comfort of your armchair. This a truly simple and amazing way you can train at home even while watch...

Top 10 fastest badminton smash in 2016

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Don't miss on the top 10 fastest smash for year 2016. You will be surprised to see some of them in this list!

Do you know where to position in a men doubles game?

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Positioning is also an important aspect in badminton. In this video, coach Paul Stewart will share with you all the positioning for a men doubles game. It is very educational and informative if you are playing doubles!

Badminton low serve tactics and tips

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The low serve is usually use in the modern badminton now a days. It is an essential skill if you want to play good badminton. Paul Stewart will share with you the low serve tips and tactics. Enjoy!

Misbun Sidek Interview – Lee Chong Wei is a cheeky player

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One of the most decorated player in Malaysia's badminton player, Misbun Sidek was given an interview by Badminton Unlimited. See what he have got to say about himself, badminton and also Lee Chong Wei!

When you lost your racket against Lin Dan

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It is almost impossible to win a point against Lin Dan when you loose your racket in the rally. Marc Zwiebler have a different idea towards this!

Stringing Victor Bravesword Lee Yong Dae+ with Yonex BG66 Force at 26 lbs

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Enjoy the journey of the badminton stringing of the Victor racker Bravesword Lee Yong Dae+ with a Yonex BG66 Force string at 26 lbs! This is so cool!

All you need to know about badminton string and tensions

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This video gives us a better insight on the badminton strings and tensions. Enjoy this Paul Stewart video and I hope all your questions on badminton strings and tensions can be answered here!

How to cut and remove your badminton string?

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It is always adviceable to cut your badminton strings from your racket if your racket tension is out or when you have a burst string. If you do not cut those badminton strings after your racket burst, you might end up...

Do you know where to smash and where to return your opponent smash?

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It is essential to know where you want to place your smash in the correct place in order to stun your opponents to the maximum. Not only that, you should also learn where to return your opponents smashes in order to m...

Lee Chong Wei badminton racket?

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Ever wondered what is Lee Chong Wei current badminton racket? Lee Chong Wei is currently using Yonex Duora 10. Learn more on this racket by watching this video.

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